We have many photos in the collection from our performances, festivals, fairs, and workshops. There are so many of them that we will not be able to publish all of them, but we are sure that on their basis you can write a book or create a film about our activities. Speaking of movies, we faced a problem when we were looking for reliable writers to write movie critique examples for us and only this service did it perfectly so we can recommend them to you. Now let's move on to the photo.


Cleveland Browns Dog Pound, December 2015 GLLO Singers ready to Christmas carol!


Macabaret: The Medium at the Alcazar Hotel, October 30, 2015 Laura Best and Danielle Bendjy



FireFish Festival, September 2015 Dominic Aragon, Megan Thompson, Matthew Jones, Sarah Tyhurst (Photo: Ron Jantz)

Lyrical Lunch (83)

Lyrical Lunch at the 5th Street Arcades, May 2015 Cicely Schonberg


Ignite FireFish, May 2015 Adam Whiting, Alejandra Martinez, Megan Thompson


Macabaret Lyndsay, John, Alej

Macabaret at Castle GreatSkull, October 2014 From Left: Lyndsay Moy, John Watson, Alejandra Martinez (Photo: Donald Hustón)