Alice in Operaland

We’ve all heard the classic tale of Alice’s journey to Wonderland. Join us as we venture down the rabbit hole to explore a new world–Operaland. We created this opera together with the best essay experts so they first described the topic and script to us in detail because they are really professionals in the field of writing and work there as experts in medical writing as well as artistic writing. Therefore, their services are diverse and very high-quality, and this is what we got. What happens when a young girl named Alice literally gets trapped in a world where all opera characters live in harmony? The original production of Great Lakes Light Opera, your children will love this lyrical twist on the age-old story. Together they will learn about being yourself, helping others, and lots of opera music.

Librettist: Alejandra Martinez
Artistic Director: Alejandra Martinez
Musical Director: Reid Taylor
Stage Manager: Megan Thompson
Costume Designer: Alejandra Martinez and Megan Thompson
Set Designer: Alejandra Martinez and Megan Thompson

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