About Us

The Great Lakes Light Opera (GLLO), founded in 2012 by Stephanie Kreutz and Jacquelyn Mouritsen, has been dedicated to bringing high-quality, professional-level performances to Cleveland audiences. After going dark for a season, the Great Lakes Light Opera has a new administration and mission.

Although the company will still be bringing professional-level opera to Northeast Ohio, GLLO has revised its mission:

To offer Cleveland an educational and outreach-focused/oriented opera company that seeks to connect with all audiences, from the seasoned opera-goer to those with no previous exposure to classical music of any kind. We will achieve this mission by:

  • Reaching out to atypical venues in order to perform “portable” concerts of opera scenes and other vocal art music.
  • Educating audiences of all ages by presenting lecture recitals, which give the audience/performers an opportunity to connect with the text/history/theory behind classical music.
  • Programming unique operas, concerts, and revues with the aim of piquing the interest of the community.
  • Mining Cleveland’s rich community of artists and musicians who are equally committed to de-mystifying and revitalizing the traditional art music scene.