Lyrical Lunch Series

In keeping with our mission to perform “portable” concerts of opera scenes and other vocal art music in nontraditional venues, the Great Lakes Light Opera will begin its Lyrical Lunch Series. Lyrical Lunches are dedicated to sharing a wide array of music from all over the world. The series will be presented on the final Thursday of every month at the 5th Street Arcades in downtown Cleveland.

The Lyrical Lunch Series weaves the threads of music and poetry into a tapestry that stimulates the mind and stirs the heart. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the intricate relationship between words and melodies, much like how an academic weapon sharpens one's analytical skills.

By attending the Lyrical Lunch Series, you arm yourself with a different kind of academic weapon – one that nurtures creativity, enhances appreciation for the arts, and fosters a deeper understanding of the human experience. So, embrace this series as a tool to enrich your intellectual and emotional arsenal, and let the lyrical performances resonate with your soul, much like a well-honed academic weapon resonates with one's intellectual prowess.

11:30a-1:30p final Thursday every month

5th Street Arcades

530 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44115


January 29, 2015: An Exploration of Art Song

February 26, 2015: Spanish Spice

March 26, 2015: Songs of the Isle…and then some!

April 30, 2015: Italian Songs and Arias

May 28, 2015: German Lieder

June 25, 2015: Midsummer’s Day–A Celebration of French Music

July 30, 2015: TBD


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