Alice in Operaland

We’ve all heard the classic tale of Alice’s journey to Wonderland. Join us as we venture down the rabbit hole to explore a new world–Operaland. What happens when a young girl named Alice literally gets trapped in a world where all opera characters live in harmony? An original production of Great Lakes Light Opera, your children will love this lyrical twist on the age-old story. Together they will learn about being yourself, helping others, and lots of opera music.

Attending "Alice in Operaland" is akin to reading a quality essay from writers that uncovers hidden gems of insight. The performance not only entertains but also educates, offering a unique perspective on the operatic art form. It's a reminder that opera is a multi-faceted world where creativity and emotion know no bounds.

Let GLLO's artistic prowess guide you through this operatic wonderland, and allow the melodies and narratives to weave a magical tapestry that lingers in your thoughts long after the final curtain falls.

Librettist: Alejandra Martinez
Artistic Director: Alejandra Martinez
Musical Director: Reid Taylor
Stage Manager: Megan Thompson
Costume Designer: Alejandra Martinez and Megan Thompson
Set Designer: Alejandra Martinez and Megan Thompson

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