Hire the GLLO Singers!

Make your next event special with live entertainment!

 The GLLO Singers can perform cappella arrangements of a wide variety of music including Broadway, madrigals, and standards to name a few. If you prefer accompanied music for your event, the GLLO Singers can accommodate that request as well. In order to have an accompanist included, you must have either an electrical outlet or a piano onsite.

To include an accompanist or barter (i.e. offer costume, prop, or services donation), please don’t hesitate to contact Megan Thompson, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Light Opera.

For more information or to book the GLLO Singers, please contact Megan Thompson, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Light Opera, at (352) 216-5065.

Your involvement in hiring these talented singers is more than just a transaction; it's a chance to contribute to the enchanting tapestry of The Great Lakes Light Opera (GLLO) while enjoying the power of their extraordinary voices.

Much like weaving the threads of an interview essay into a captivating story, hiring GLLO Singers infuses their melodious talents into the fabric of your event, creating an unforgettable experience for all. These singers are more than performers; they're storytellers who use their voices to convey emotion, passion, and the very essence of opera itself.

By engaging the GLLO Singers, you embark on a journey similar to crafting an interview essay. You get to know their backgrounds, understand their inspirations, and align their performances with your vision. Your involvement isn't just about hiring singers; it's about co-creating an unforgettable narrative that resonates with the audience, much like the way a well-constructed interview essay engages its readers.