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Due to globalization, migration and other social factors, thepopulation of any region in the world is becoming more heterogeneous.Heterogeneity, diversity, refers to the several demographicdifferences that exists between individuals, and is evident inseveral dimensions such as ethnicity, cultures, race, gender andreligion. The increasing level of heterogeneity of the worldpopulation has influenced the workforce of various organizations.There is increasing number of people seeking employment opportunitiesacross their borders a different environment especially in terms ofnorms, culture, ethnicity and race. Diversity is not only evident inthe employees but also in the leadership and management of anorganization. can be an opportunity or problem tothe organization (Ephraim A. O. &amp Washington M. C. 2012).

can be utilized by an organization to createcompetitive advantage in production and marketplace. The diversity ofthe workforce brings with it diverse skills and capabilities that anorganization can utilize in improving its productivity. When managedappropriately, diversity enables an organization understand itsmarket segments. Creativity and innovation is enhanced by workforcediversity (Scott, C. L., &amp Byrd, M. Y. 2012). However, diversityis one of factors that may result in problems within and outside anorganization. Hughes C. (2015) argues that diversity can be a sourceof conflict, and eventually affect the organizational activities andprocesses. Conflict can result when employees feel that one has beenhired, promoted or fired based on the backgrounds. High level ofdiversity is associated with increase of discrimination inworkplaces. Misunderstanding of diversity may also create conflict inan organization. During decision making process, diversity can bechallenge especially when conflicting ideas are being discussed.Efficient operation of an enterprise is achieved when there isagreement and management of the diverse workforce.


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