When Gun Control Fails Marc Cooper’s Reflection on Gun Control

WhenGun Control Fails: Marc Cooper’s Reflection on Gun Control

Oneof the most hotly contested debates in the general US society todayrevolves around the gun control issue. The Obama administration hasbeen plagued by sporadic incidences of mass shootings targetingschoolchildren in educational institutions, shopping malls and evenrecreational facilities. A few days ago, a shooter in Orlando causednearly 50 untimely deaths and serious injuries to many others. Assuch, there seems to be a vicious cycle related to gun violencewhereby the gun issue only comes up when shooting incidences hit themedia and more so, innocent victims in the country. The current USpresident has been on the frontline championing for greater guncontrol legislation aimed at stemming the occurrence of massshootings that are now almost certainly to become a commonplace inthe future of American society. Thus, it is imperative to present asummary of Marc Cooper’s “Gun Control Is a Misfire” publishedon The American Conservative website to comprehend the inadequacy ofgun control.

ForSocial Justice or For Gun Control

Accordingto Cooper, the liberal Americans are at the forefront of ensuringsufficient gun control is put into place. On the other hand, thereare hardcore National Rifle Association (NRA) proponents, as well as,supporters of the Second Amendment who are making concerted effortsto ensure that no-gun control legislation is put in place. Opponentsof gun control perceive the right to own weaponry especially guns asthe embodiment of the highest possible expression of freedom, moralrectitude and freedom. From a political standpoint, the democrats areat the forefront in championing for greater gun control legislationwhile the republicans are viewed as opposing the legislation.

AsCooper provides, the gun control issue has been a thorn in the fleshfor the democrats to the point where they are now opting for softerterms to describe gun control. Terms like ‘sensible gun reform’are now being used in an effort to marshal up greater support for guncontrol. If gun control was to be successfully and criticallyenforced, mass shootings, gun violence epidemics, suicide rates andgun-related accidents could surely be reduced. As such, Cooperprovides that in 2015 alone, there were more than 350 mass shootings.Opponents of the gun control debate term publications providing asfalse and distorted. Attempts by the democrats and liberals toinstitute gun control measures have been regarded by the opponents asbeing nothing but a set of useless proposals. The article indiscussion goes on to point out that there are significant players inthe debate that the general US public is not aware of. For instance,the NRA which is an anti gun control group is reported as lobbyingfor the gun industry as opposed to protecting the views of gunowners.

Reformsfocused on gun violence have been previously and still founded onoff-center assumptions coupled with ignorance by policymakers as wellas reinforced by a media with little comprehensive knowledge of theissue (Cooper). As such, the rhetoric projected by supporters of thedebate tends to consider gun owners as supporters of fringemercenaries. The liberals have been historically renowned forsupporting for greater social justice. As Cooper provides,overwhelming issue like low wages, poor education and urban decayhave been relegated to the shadows as far as the gun control issue isconcerned. The liberals regard urban centers with low levels ofsocial justice as where most deaths and most violence are witnessed.As such, gun control legislation could translate into better socialjustice in America’s troubled urban centers.

Theauthor claims to be a leftist liberal and is of the view that thesupporters of greater gun control have in essence been creating anever-rising gun sales portfolio in the country (Cooper). The articlepoints out that gun related fatalities have been on the decline sincethe 90’s. Up to 11,000 US citizens die annually because of gunviolence and 22,000 die of suicide by the gun. As such, most of thereported gun fatalities are fundamentally self-inflicted. Cooper istherefore of the view that recent incidences of mass shootings shouldnot be used to inform policymakers on the issue. More so, shooters insuch incidences are even reported to possess licensed firearms.

Conclusively,Cooper provides that attempts by the NRA to counter any proposedanti-gun legislation presents significant obstacles to the issuedebated upon. As the article concludes, the author calls askspolicymakers to ensure that the NRA is not in a position to useimaginary and even real fears to its advantage. The article notesthat more than 90% of gun owners support the embodiment of universalbackground checks. The author also points out that the issue shouldnot be transformed into a cultural issue. The article essentiallycalls for greater attention to social justice in the general USsociety towards eliminating unemployment, failing institutions andpoverty as the best means for controlling gun violence. Failure toobserve social justice would only lead to poor support for the guncontrol issue.


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