What`s the Purpose of College?

What’sthe Purpose of College?

Theissue of education has raised controversy in the contemporary worldthe set structures in the education sector have, further, led to theemergence of many questions among veteran scholars. The medievalobjective of education has shifted. Generally, many colleges havebecome more job oriented rather than education oriented. Initially,colleges offered a platform where the youth could survey variouscourses and the majors before settling on their preferred careers(Hunter 1). In this paper, I am going to maintain the fact thatcolleges’ purpose today is job oriented rather than being focusedon education.

Careerchoices affirm the idea of colleges being job oriented rather thanproviding education. For instance, some career courses have beenneglected today on assumptions that they do not lead to lucrativejobs. On the other hand, those that are assumed to lead to certainjobs are flooded. Degrees awarded in the social sciences and generalsciences have dropped by almost a half in that only a quarter of thegeneral population enroll in them in relation to the occupational andbusiness courses the latter being the most popular (Selingo 1).

Secondly,the attitude of the parents toward colleges also point out that theyare the means to good careers. For instance, when students and theirfamilies are faced with huge education bills they will want to pickthe major that leads to a great job in the future despite the tuitionbills. Many colleges, in an attempt to address this issue, havebroken down such courses to come up with several other majors, whichdid not exist even in the past.

Similarly,colleges’ education has recently been viewed as a commodity.Students are more interested in getting degrees rather than learning. In fact, most people have argued that most students just walk out ofthe colleges with a degree just like a person works out of asupermarket with a television (Hunter 1).

Inconclusion, there is a need for the college system to be restructuredto conform to the traditional goals of creating enlightenedindividuals who can fit in all spheres of life.


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