Week 8 Discussion Three Most Important Concepts

Week8 Discussion: Three Most Important Concepts

Week8 Discussion: Three Most Important Concepts

Themain focus of the chapters was a discussion of ankle, foot andwalking. In these chapters there are three concepts that can beconsidered to be the most important. The first concept is kinematics,which is used to describe what occurs at different points, such astraverse tarsal joint. This type of motion is described withoutconsidering the masses or the force that resulted in that movement.Transverse tarsal joints in coordination with the nearby joints,including the subtalar joint (Neumann, n.d). The concept ofkinematics explains how the mobility of the forefoot contributestowards supination and pronation of the entire foot.

Thesecond concept is the axis of rotation that determines rotations thatoccur at the transverse tarsal joint. The bones forming the jointmove naturally in two planes where each of the movements is orientedperpendicular to its specific axis of rotation (Neumann, n.d). Theaxes of rotation from which the bones move around include the obliqueand longitudinal axis. The availability of two axes implies that thetraverse tarsal joint can only produce two kinematic patterns, inspite of the significant contribution of the joint to the mobility ofthe foot.

Arthrokinematicsis a concept that is used to describe the movement of joint surfaces.This movement is caused by a combination of spins, rolls, and slides.In the lower limb, the movement occurs across the mid-foot and rearfoot (Neumann, n.d). Arthrokinematics occurs in a manner that allowshuman beings to move. For example, an adducting and invertingcalcaneus tends to draw the lateral column of the foot below themedium column, which makes it easy to move.

Inconclusion, the three concepts (including kinematics, axis ofrotation, and arthrokinematics) are important, given the role theyplay in facilitating the movement of the lower limbs.


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