Week 3 Practicum Journal


Week3 Practicum Journal

Week3 Practicum Journal

AsI reflect on this week practicum, it is amazing how transformative ithas been. It has filled many gaps of my nursing concepts that I wasunaware of their existence three weeks ago. Practicum gives a briefand insightful glance of the nursing as a career, as well asilluminates the complete picture of the medical environment (Schunk,and Mullen, 2013). This week, I have participated in the simulationlab, which has been remarkable. Some of the duties in the labsinclude female catheterization, wet to dry dressing, ornasopharyngeal suctioning (Clapperand Kardong-Edgren, 2012).It has been a wonderful experience to perform a real practiceprocedure systematically with actual equipment. My other simulationexperiences include taking care of a patient with respiratorydistress, participating in the delivery room, and working withmentally ill patients. I am impressed with the experience that I havegained in the simulation room. Indeed, it has provided me with asignificant learning experience.

Further,the practicum experience in the care facility was imperative. It hasstructured my skills to work in a team. Each day, the nurse-in-chargewould divide us into groups of several nurses and assign us to aspecific task. Then, he or she would check on us to see if everythingwas working smoothly and assist where possible. Without a doubt, thishas been a very profitable experience. As Thibault(2014) states, teamwork is a vital component of nursing.

Overall,this week practicum experience has a great influence toward my futuregoals, which are to finish my nursing course, graduate, and get a jobas a nurse. Luckily, I am fortunate to have this glance into thefuture, which has offered me a preview of the responsibilities andchallenges that awaits me in the future (Oermannand Gaberson, 2013).I am grateful to be part of the practicum and to have this learningexperience.


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