Weather Reports


Theobjective of weather reports is recording the high and lowtemperatures of each day. The compilation of the information over along time provides an excellent database for identifying weatherpatterns, which in turn, helps in determining the climatic factors.According to Hughes (2014), weather forecasting is the backbone ofprofitable farming.

Iagree with Hughes (2014) that weather forecasting is indispensable inagricultural industries since farmers require different climaticconditions at varied instances. For example, plowing, planting,harvesting, and packaging are best done during dry weather. Nonetheless, the plants require rainfall for them to do well, incase, irrigation is unavailable. Consequently, farmers need precisedata to inform them regarding the right time to furrow and plant.Furthermore, the data is essential as it helps farmers to grow cropsthat will mature during favorable weather conditions for either saleor harvest.

Bauer,Thorpe, and Brunet (2015) assert that weather prediction hasfacilitated numerous breakthroughs, including, a plethora of crucialscientific discoveries such as aeronautic engineering. The flight andsafety of airplanes depend on existing weather condition. I supportthe authors’ views because inclement weather causes most of theplane crashes.

Nonetheless,acquiring precise weather report is complex because meteorologistsneed to analyze large data volume. Researchers make a hypothesis oftheir research, and then use statistical analyses techniques toevaluate it. Tyagi, Suran, and Pattanaik (2016) concur with thestatement as they emphasize the importance of computer technology inimproving weather prediction accuracy. Computers are artificialneural networks that conduct most of the computational problems,which could otherwise lead to inaccuracies if human beings did them.


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