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Thespecial object in my life will have to be my cell phone. I canattest to the fact that my cell phone has become an important part ofmy life since acquiring it four years ago. When I first owned a cellphone I was very happy since it was device that I had admired for along time. It was a birthday gift that turned out to be a veryspecial and important part of my life. Part of the reason why Isuppose I am so much attached to the phone is the sentimental valueattached to the phone.

Myfirst interaction with my own cell phone was a very emotional one.That is because at first it was a surprise gift. Secondly it was aniPhone a make of phone that I so much admired and was somewhatobsessed with owning an iPhone. It is a very fast and efficientphone it is also classy and very secure. Being a gadgets enthusiast,I would have recommended an iPhone for anyone who wanted a phone. Mycell phone plays major roles in my life that I would affirm it wouldhave been difficult to live a normal life without my phone.

Thecellphone is my alarm that has been made possible by the applicationof the alarm in the phone. In the past I had to purchase a clock withan alarm that would always go off when it’s time now it that wouldnot be necessary. A clock in the past would at times fail maybe thebatteries may go flat without me knowing which would in turn led tome missing my alarm and that would to other occurrences such asmissing important meetings and even at times important interviews.With my phone as long as the phone has enough charge to last thenight there is no time that I miss my alarm since my phone willalways go off at my desired time. Additionally with the phone, Ireally do not need to keep setting an alarm every day. It is mydiary I save important dates and reminders in the phone. Due to thememory provision in my phone, I can also save important dates andevents in future. It also gives me an opportunity to save importantanniversaries and birthdays I do not have to carry a large diaryaround so as not tom miss my doctors’ or dentist appointment. Ittherefore comes in handy. I also use it to research in school when amnot close to a computer in addition to receiving and reply importantemails from school, friends and family members in other countries.Arguably, I cannot be alright without my cell phone in sight.



Fouryears ago the preferences that I had then have changed graduallywhile others have remained as they were then. One of the majorchanges that have occurred is that back then I liked going out forparties and remaining indoors on weekends was somewhat a punishment.Now I just yearn for my own space I no longer like attending parties.That could be attributed to my younger age at that time. I would havehad to make excuses to my parents so as to have an opportunity justto go out and party all night or even all weekend. The four yearshave in an immense way changed my like for partying and I have begunto love my own space which has even led to me changing some offriends who we used to hang out with during my days as the partyanimal. That is because they now find nothing interesting hanging outwith me since I always turn down the numerous party invites or justfail to show up even after promising that I would avail myself.

Ihave also stopped my obsession of swimming that I had four years ago. I really used to like swimming and would always in the schoolswimming pool on days that the sun shone. I even had the swimmingpool attendant as one of my friend. Nonetheless, over time I havestopped the obsession of swimming and seem to have developed aninterest in the gym more compared to swimming. Then I was motivatedto love swimming by a neighbor who had rose in the ranks of swimmingto even represent the country In the Olympics. As time went by Irealized I might have been a good swimmer but swimming was notnecessarily my thing. I have since then focused on what I felt was ofmore importance and good for my personal development which is morethe gym than swimming.

Ihave also changed my career goals from wanting to be a successfulpilot to major interest in the finance markets shares and binaryoptions. Aviation was like everyone’s dream career back in the dayfrom school and in my neighborhood. That was because to the pressurethat some of the teachers and our parents gave us to go to schoolstudy hard and be in careers that would ensure we got wealthy andhave a status in the society. While that was not bad it was noteveryone’s area of interest. Within the past four years I havefound my liking is in the finance markets field where am now focusingon and meeting people who have made it in this respective field.Nonetheless, some of my interests and hobbies have remained the same.For instance I still like playing play station with the continuousinnovation in electronic games field. I also still like going foradventures same as I liked four years ago. My love for the playstation and the Xbox has grown even more. Though life has busier Istill make time to play games in the internet. I believe I like gamesdue to their ability to challenge my cognitive and also assist me tobe a quick thinker and make quick decisions in tricky situations.

Myinterest in soccer have also not changed am still a sworn soccer fanof the English premier league. I like the English premier league eversince I was a child and I still like it to date. That is because amalso a talented soccer player and I just desist from the beauty ofsoccer being played in England and in Europe as a whole. I likespending my weekends with friends keeping up with the league and justadmiring the skills and the hard work of the players to make theirfans and managers proud.