Two Powerful Political Parties

The founding fathers of the United States did not want a situation,whereby the individuals would be battling for administrationpositions using political parties. The Federalist and the RepublicanParties were the sole political vehicles. The candidate who garneredmost of the votes became the president while the second runner becamethe vice president. The revolution started in 1800 when Jefferson andAdam contested for the presidency, but the former (Jefferson) emergedthe winner. However, instead of the opponent from the FederalistParty becoming the vice president, Burr and Jefferson tied in theelection, and after a resolution by the House of Representatives,Jefferson became the president and Burr became the deputy. Jeffersondrove the country to adopt the 12th amendment in 1804 that providedfor a separate balloting for both the president and the vicepresident.

The Federalist Party favored the establishment of courts with thejudges being appointed by the president. President Adams used hislast moments in office to appoint judges. However, some of them didnot receive the appointment letters. When Jefferson assumed office,he did away with the federal courts system. Only the 14 courts thatwere established in 1801 remained operational.

The constitution became an important tool for guiding the governmentdecisions. President Adams indicated that the role of the governmentwas to keep check of people’s passions that cannot conform to thedictates of reason and justice. In 1857, the Republican Party becamesubject to the judicial review. The party could not be superior tothe constitution. Consequently, the court was given the power toassess the compliance of government’s with the constitution. Thejudicial review upheld the power of the Supreme Court.