Topic Understanding Your Role as a Writer

Topic:Understanding Your Role as a Writer

Publicsector organization

TheBig Brother Big Sisters of Americais an organization that seeks to assist all children to achieve theirpotentials by offering professional support as well as one-on-onerelationships with mentors who volunteer. It is among the biggest andoldest organizations involved in youth mentorship in the US with itstarget population being children of all ages in different communitiesall over the nation. The vision of the organization is to ensure thatevery child becomes successful. Its mission is to offer all childrenwho experience adversity with enduring and support throughprofessional relationships that will make their lives better forever(, 2016). Through working with the organization as an intern,I will strive to work towards assisting the organization achieve itsgoals, mission and vision and at the same time ensure that childrenincrease their confidence, enhance their relationships and get higheraspirations. Further, the opportunity will give me a chance to assistchildren to avoid risky behavior while at the same time workingtowards their educational success.

Businesssector organization

NationalFederation of Independent Businesses is the biggest association ofsmall businesses in the US with head offices in Tennessee and otheroffices in approximately fifty state capitals. The organization seeksto defend the rights of small businesses in regards to owning andoperating their businesses without unwarranted interference from thegovernment. The federation’s political action committee is referredto as Save America’s Free Enterprise Trust, with its membershipbeing approximately three hundred and twenty five thousand smallbusinesses. Through working with the federation as an intern, I willbe in a position to advocate for owners of small businesses and atthe same time defend their rights to continue operating withoutunwarranted interference from the government. Further, theopportunity will offer me a chance to understand and supportadvancement of public policies, which promote the success of smallbusinesses. Since the organization is effective and broadlyrespected, it will make my resume more attractive once I havecompleted my internship.

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