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Topic:Cover Letter

23June 2016,


11011SW 104th St, Miami, FL 33176, United States,



DearMr. /Mrs. /Ms.

Iam writing to apply for the Interactive Marketing Intern position forthe summer and fall 2016. I saw the internship opening on theInternet and was pleased to find that the academic achievements Ihave attained so far satisfy all the requirements of the position. Iseek an internship that is challenging but rewarding, and this is thekey reason I was attracted to this exceptional opportunity.

Asa journalism student, I have been able to acquire some importantskills in market research, how products are developed, publicrelations as well as advertising. At the same time, I haveconcentrated my coursework in a number of areas that includedstrategic Internet marketing, marketing analysis and integratedmarketing communication among others.

Throughthe knowledge that I have acquired, and the passion that I have forthis field, an internship in this position will offer me anopportunity to gain and diversify skills that I have acquired insports journalism as a well as in advertisement, communication andmarketing among others. I will be delighted to be an intern at yourorganization since I consider it as a stepping-stone for starting mydream career and look forward to gaining valuable knowledge in therelevant areas. I seek to bring a strong work ethic into yourorganization since I can accomplish tasks even with minimumsupervision and can work for flexible hours to ensure the objectivesof the organizations are met.

Iwill be extremely delighted to get a chance to be personallyinterviewed by you. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.