Three people I Would Invite to Dinner


Three people I WouldInvite to Dinner

My personal mantra is that I should strive towards living ameaningful life. As such, I admire people who have had a profoundimpact on the world during their lives. If I could invite threepeople to dinner, Socrates, Bill Gates, and Mother Teresa would be myguests.

For me, philosophy is the foundation of knowledge and Socrates is themost accomplished philosopher. It is for this reason that almost allgraduates regardless of their areas of study encounter the teachingsof Socrates. An online website places Socrates atnumber 17 on the list of people who have changed the world. I wouldbe happy to hear Socrates’ views on how to respond to some emergingproblems such as terrorism and environmental pollution.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I believe that the living have borrowedthe world from the future generations. As such, every living personshould strive to ensure that the generations to come will have a wayof meeting their needs. One sure way of achieving this goal is byproviding solutions to problems plaguing the human race. This is whatentrepreneurs such as Bill Gates have done. If I could have anopportunity to meet Bill Gates, I would like to hear the untoldstories of his journey to success. I would ask him if he experiencedmoments of despair where entrepreneurs feel that they can take aneasy way out and give up on their dreams.

In the world today, the gap between the haves and the have-nots isgetting wider every day. I would like to meet Mother Teresa themissionary who dedicated her life into offering a helping hand to thepoor. I would ask her whether it is morally right to help the poorwith the goal of achieving a political advantage.


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