Theresa Two Bulls

TheresaTwo Bulls

TheresaTwo Bulls

Itis often said that hard work and determination can propel one tobecome whatever he or she desires. This statement is valid for oneIndian-American woman, Theresa “Huck” Two Bulls, from SouthDakota. She is a native of the Oglala Lakota Tribe. Two Bull’smother worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) at Oglala.However, she quit the job in 1964 due to bad health and moved to PineRidge area. Bull attended Pine Ridge High School. Professionally, sheis an accomplished politician, prosecutor, and attorney. Afterattaining her associate’s degree, she worked as a legal secretarywhile still pursuing a bachelor’s degree (Giagio, 2011).

Usinga Democratic Party ticket, she contested and won the South DakotaSenate seat for the Twenty-Seventh District. No woman had beenelected to a state legislature before her. In 2008, she was voted inas the Pine Ridge Reservation’s Oglala Sioux Tribe President. Herprimary objective during the presidency was enhancing betterrelationship among the state, local and tribe governments (Eagle,2016).

Alongwith other responsibilities assigned to her at the Senate, she servedon the justice department’s task force. The taskforce was createdso that it could develop guidelines for a survey on hostility towardsIndian women, as well as, execute the recommendations of thecommission. In 2009, though no longer in office, she declared a stateof emergency due to a drastic increase in suicide rates among theyouth in Pine Ridge. She organized a meeting with President Obama,and then mobilized local leaders and residents to work together toaddress the issue (Eagle, 2016).

Asthe new elections draw closer for the tribal president draws near,Oglala Lakota tribe members are pressing Two Bulls to contest for it. A majority of her supporters prefer her to the present contestantsbecause they disapprove of the current leadership (Eagle, 2016).


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