Therapy Group Screening


TherapyGroup Screening

TherapyGroup Screening

Thecharacteristics and personality styles of therapy group members havea huge influence on the achievement of the objectives. It is,therefore, important to carefully and objectively select the membersto ensure that individuals who are likely to derail the functioningof the group are not admitted. The therapy group in question targetspersons with relationships problems. This will be the most importantcriteria for selecting members.

Thetherapy group will not accept the first caller. The interactions withother members will not offer significant help to the challenges sheis facing. She has been charged with driving under the influence andis mandated to seek some form of treatment. The group’s activitiesmay not be an adequate treatment for her case. It is appropriate forher to solicit treatment from a more specialized therapist.Additionally, she can join a therapy where the members have similarchallenges and objectives. The second caller will be admitted.Although the individual does not give adequate information abouthimself, he wants to understand himself better, which is aligned withthe group’s objectives. It will assist him to have a criticalreview of his life. The third caller will also be accepted. He isadversely affected by relationship problems, especially afterbreaking up with his girlfriend. The discussions will assist himsettle down and concentrate on his studies. The fourth caller willalso be admitted. She is frustrated by the guys she chooses forrelationships. The interactions will be helpful to her. Therefore,the challenges facing the callers, the objectives of the group andhurdles facing other members was the primary criteria for selection.


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