Theo 1000


The videos are of critical significance when it comes to the overallconcept of helping students understanding the various aspects ofeducation. Of particular importance is the need to refute theperception about education. For example, initially, people weretaught that they should go to school so that they get can get a jobafter graduating from college. Evidently, it is not the case in themodern society (Robinson). Most of those who go to school end upjobless. The first video by Ken Robinson refutes such an argument.The use of the video in introducing the course helps students gain adifferent perception of education.

The second illustrates the concept of a divided brain. The presenteracknowledges the insignificant amount of attention accorded to thebrain. The video has been used to introduce the course in a bid tohelp the students gain understand the structure of the brain(McGilchrist). Through an understanding of the same, it would bepossible for students to learn ways they can grasp content taught inclass. Also, the video shows the similarity in structure that existsbetween the animal brain and that of humans. The illustration seeksto confirm the small variation that could be existing between animalsand humans. The use of the video in introducing the topic helps inpromoting an understanding the mechanism of brain functioning thatcould be crucial for the cause.

Finally, the video on 21st Century Enlightenment is areflection of various values that humans hold (Taylor). The use ofthe video is essential in introducing the course because it relatesto the fundamental aspects taught in the subject.

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