Themes in U.S. and World History Colonialism in Africa

Themesin U.S. and World History: Colonialism in Africa


Colonialismin Africa

Africancolonialism started long ago with the slave trade, where Africanswere sold to faraway lands to work in plantations. Europeans becomeinterested in the African continent after ending the slave tradesince they saw it as a good source of raw materials for theirindustries. European missionaries were interested in convertingAfricans to Christianity, and also halt the advancement of Islamalong the coast. The United States and European leaders met anddecided on how to partition Africa without even consulting Africancommunities and leaders. By 1912, the entire African continent wascolonized except for Ethiopia and Liberia [ CITATION Ala03 l 1033 ].

Reactionof the colonized people

Africancommunities reacted violently through rebellions as they protestedthe intrusion of the European powers on their land. Europeanmissionaries attempted to convert Africans to Christianityforcefully, without taking into consideration their traditional waysof life. Rebellions, by African communities, often lead to loss oflives as European powers ruled forcefully.

Causesand goals of the American Revolution

TheBritish government tried to force the Americans to pay taxes throughthe sugar and stamp acts. American people were not allowed to voteor send lawmakers to the British government, and this angered them.Moreover, Americans were independent people hence, they preferred anindependent America free from British rule.

Themain aim of the American Revolution was to free the thirteen coloniesfrom British rule and establish them independently.

OrangeRevolution in Ukraine

TheUkrainian revolution was caused, mainly, by the presidential electionheld in 2004, which was claimed to be marred by massive corruption,rigging, and voter intimidation. The primary goal of the orangerevolution was to force the annulment of the results and forceanother election, which could present a clear winner.

Strategiesof the two revolutions

Bothrevolutions used different strategies on arriving at their goal, withthe American Revolution being violent and the orange revolution beingpeaceful. The American Revolution used armed tactics to fight fortheir freedom while the Ukrainian revolution used peacefuldemonstrations [ CITATION Ala03 l 1033 ].


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