The Theological Devil or Deviations from That Character in Literature

TheTheological Devil or Deviations from That Character in Literature

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TheTheological Devil or Deviations from That Character in Literature

Inthe history of Christianity, Satanrose against God andwas thrown into this world. Satan is usually referred to as theSerpent in Eden. Through its devious persuasions, the fall of man inEdenresults. However, He (God) looks for the alternative ways of savingthe humankind through the process of salvation. Satan is also calledthe Accuser of Job, the Gospel tempter in the history of Jesus, thedragon in the book of Revelation, and Leviathan. Therefore, thisessay is going to focus on how the character of the devil has beenportrayed right from the Old Testament (Genesis-Malachi) to the NewTestament (Mathew-Revelation). The essay will draw some verses fromNew International Version (NIV).


Serpent(Genesis 3)

Inthe Old Testament, the Christian teachings about the devil areavailable in many passages. Satan is referred to as “The Serpent”in the book of Genesis 3. According to many Christians, the firstappearance of Satan in the Old Testament in Eden. The Serpent cheatsthe woman to eat the fruit from the tree that is located at themiddle of the garden as it would enable them to know the good and theevil. Because of the weakness of the human beings, the woman (Eve)eats the fruit from the forbidden tree, thus wreaking their expulsionfrom the garden causing the entrance of the sin into the world. Manyconsequences came because of the devil’s cheating on the human. Oneof the consequences is that human beings were alienated from God. Itmeans that there was no any connection between the humankind and God.Due to the entrance of sin the world, both the human beings and theserpent were cursed.

Inthe book of Numbers 22:2-35, the Bible illustrates how the power ofthe devil cannot overwhelm God’s. Balak, the son of Zippor and theking of Moab, hears that the Egyptians are spreading in theIsraelites territories, and he fears that they would take their land.The powers of the devil entering him, he sends his messengers to KingBalaam to come and curse the Egyptians. However, God stops Balaamfrom doing such evil thing because Israel was a blessed land andBalak, his friend, has the evil plans. Balaam does not want to takeGod’s instructions because Balak had promised to reward him richly.On his way to Moab, God sends his angel to stop Balaam’s donkeyfrom moving forward. Because Balaam “the devil” had a plan ofdoing evil, God comes to him and tells him that His powers aremightier than Satan’s.

HebrewAdversary (Job 1,2)

Thecharacter of the Satan is also depicted in the book of Job.Christians read about Satan (Hebrew Adversary) whom God permits toappear in the Heaven’s Court and challenge Job. God asks the HebrewAdversary about the observation he makes on Job. In the book of Job2:3, God praises Job in the presence of Hebrew Adversary that he isfaithful and good since he worships Him and is careful not to doevil. The Hebrew Adversary tells God that a person would give upworshipping Him if He takes all the property He has given him.

Isaiah’sLucifer (Isaiah 14)

Sincethe time of Jerome and Origen, the concepts of Christians about thedevil are included in Isaiah’s Morning Star (Isaiah 14:12). Suchconcept is translated as Lucifer “Light Bringer” in Latin Vulgateand directly from Latin to NIV as “Lucifer.” The book of Isaiah14:12 rebukes Lucifer by telling him that he is the King of Babyloniaand has fallen from heaven. Isaiah tells Lucifer that in the past, heconquered many people but now he has been thrown to the ground. Hecontinues telling him that he was determined to go back to heaven andput his throne above the highest stars. In the beginning, Luciferthought that he would climb to the crest of every mountain and sitthere like Almighty God.

Kingof Tyre (Ezekiel)

Ezekielis another character in the Bible who portrays the true name of thedevil. He metaphorically calls Satan the King of Tyre. A tyre staysfor a long time, but it finally wears and tears out when its daycomes. Similarly, Satan will stay for a long time but his final daywill come. God says in the book of Isaiah 28:1-5 that the King ofTyre claims to be a god. Satan thinks that he will sit on the throneand be surrounded by all seas. God tells him (King of Tyre) that hemay pretend to be a god but he is not divine and mortal.


TheDevil and Tempter (Mathew 4)

Thebook of Mathew talks about the history of Jesus Christ. Mathew 4talks about how the Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. Such bookdeems Satan as “ The Devil.” After the baptism of Jesus, theSpirit of God led him to the wilderness to be tempted by “TheDevil” (Mathew 4:1). Satan is called the devil meaning that he hasthe character of cheating the humankind

TheDragon (Revelation)

Revelationis the last book in the Bible that also gives the details about SatanIn Revelation 12:3, John says that there was a strange sight thatappeared in the sky. Afterwards, a red dragon with ten horns andseven head, each head crowned, dragged a third of the stars and threwthem into the earth. The book of Tobit also calls the devil a“Murdering incubus” who afflicts Sarah, the daughter of Raguel.In the process, Raphael, who guides Tobias through romanticadventures, defeats a murdering incubus.

DifferentApproaches of Devil

Thedevil approaches human beings through several ways. One of thestrategies is pushing Jesus’ disciples to extremes: either absolutezealousness or negligence. If the devil realizes his target looks forloopholes and excuses, he uses that advantage to deal with him. Hestrikes him with lethargy and laziness. If the devil finds that histarget performs his obligatory chores, he convinces him to striveharder. Postponing things is another approach that the devil uses toattack God’s people. Satan puts some hindrances in their ways sothat they can indefinitely put off the religion obligations. Satanapproach many people through their richness. Rich people feel thatthey are perfect and better than others are and this leads to vanityand self-admiration.

Anothervicious and heinous means that the devil uses to approach Christiansis by making them doubt what they believe. When he realizes that aperson is following God’s commandments and the right ways, he looksfor another way of making the believer doubt in the validity of thething he is doing. Fear is another weapon that Satan uses to approachthe Christians. He frightens the disciples of being harmed by hisadvocates. However, God tell his followers to not be dismayed inwhatever betides, as he will take care of them.

Comparisonbetween Different Forms of the Devil

InEden, Satan comes to Eve in the form of the Serpent. It means thatthe devil can come to the human beings in the form of the snake andlure them to do ungodly things. When comparing between the forms ofthe devil in the Old Testament with the ones in the New Testament,the former uses the animals while the latter use the giants, evilspirits, and beasts. For example, the book of Revelation describesthe devil as a dragon. A dragon is a supernatural creature with hornsand tail that scares human beings. Comparing a dragon with theDracula (vampire), a dragon does not feed on human blood and fleshwhile the Dracula does. The beast is another form of the devil thatcan be read in the book of Revelation. In this book, John tellspeople to beware since the mark of the beast is present preparing hisarmy to fight against God’s people (Revelation 13). Apart from therepresentation of the devil in animal or dragon forms, it can also berepresented in figures. The triple 6 (666) is the satanic symbol thatis currently used by the devil worshippers as it was prophesized inthe book of Revelation.


Thedevil has been termed several names in the Bible. In the book ofGenesis, Satan is called the Serpent in Eden. He cheats the woman toeat the fruit from the forbidden tree. He is also called the EvilCreature in the book of Numbers where he enters Balaam and Balak,forcing them to curse the Egyptians. Also, in some books like Job andEzekiel, Satan is called Hebrew Adversary and King of Tyrerespectively. In the books of Mathew and Revelation, Satan is called“The Tempter and Dragon” respectively.


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