The Social Module


Palisade Head Cliffs, Silver Bay City

1.What is the name of your city, town or village and where did thisname come from?

Asmentioned in the earlier modules, human habitation on Palisade Headcliffs is illegal because the landscape is conserved under theFederal environmental department. The nearest human community to thesite is The Silver Bay City, which stands at about three miles fromthe landscape. Before the name, Silver Bay City, The settlementscheme was referred to as Beaver Bay Housing project (Lake CountyHistorical Society, 2016). When the Republic Steel Corporation wantedto build a taconite processing plant in Beaver Bay in 1954, theydecided to rename it Silver Bay City. That is how Silver Bay came tobe Lake County’s youngest city.

2.When was your city, town or village settled/discovered?

SilverBay City was discovered in 1954 when the Republic Steel Corporationwanted to build a mineral processing plant that would concentratelow-grade taconite ore into steel that is usable in industries. Thedesignated site for the processing plant was poorly developed. Inthis regard, the company decided to build houses for its prospectiveemployees at the new processing plant. Upon the opening of thetaconite plant, the company opened up the former docile town for morehuman settlement. The development of the mining industry greatlyinfluenced the way the city grew and the value of property therein.The value of property suddenly shot up as soon as the taconitecompany built settlements for its employees working at the low-gradetaconite ore processing plant.

3)What is the settlement history of your city, town or village?

Justlike many other American cities, the city of Silver Bay’s earliestinhabitants were the Native Americans. Before the coming of the Whiteman, Native Americans roamed the shores of the Lake Superior and usedit for their own good (Zenith City, 2016). The early inhabitantsgreatly depended on the fresh water lake for fish. They also huntedin the dense forests that were characteristic of the Palisade HeadCliffs. However, when modernization arrived at the Palisade HeadCliffs, the forests were no longer grounds for hunting and theharvesting of timber. The area was conserved under the Federalenvironmental department after it emerged that it served a historicaland economic role.

4)discuss any philosophical, religious, or political ideologicalbeliefs/values of those that settled/discovered your city, town orvillage.

Accordingto City- (2016), 82% of the current population in Silver BayCity is comprised of mainline Protestants. These Protestants havebeen instrumental in the creating laws that govern the use of thelandscape through their dominant presence in the city’s town hallmeetings. Among the beliefs of the Protestants is to conserve God’screation. It is for this reason that the residents of the city wereopposed to the decision of the taconite processing plant to depositwaste matter at the northern shoreline of Lake Superior. The peopleof Silver bay also sought to have the area protected under FederalLaw because of the connection between conservation and mainlineProtestants.

5)Describe the general attitude concerning environmental protection andconservation in the area. How had this influenced the development andgrowth of the area?

Thegeneral attitude in Silver Bay City regarding the conservation of theenvironment is that it is the responsibility of man to take care ofthe environment. In addition to religious factors, the people ofSilver Bay view the landscape as the heartbeat to their city, henceworth conserving. According to Malcomb (2016), Silver Bay residentshave always been conscious of the environment. In the 1970’s theyfiled a petition in the county courts to thwart the taconiteprocessing plant from depositing waste into the Lake Superior(Schwartz, 1976). The people’s stand against industrial pollutionmade Silver Bay a city to emulate in matters environmentalconservation.

6)How are the local cultural characteristics displayed or articulatedin your city, town or village?

Thecity’s primary cultural characteristic is the perceived importanceof the mining industry. The importance associated with the miningindustry only comes second to the environment and the naturallandscape. Other cultural characteristics point out towards aninclination to reading and watching movies as popular pastimeactivities. According to (2016), the local governmentalways puts out posters at the beginning of every summer to ask theresidents to donate to the Silver Bay Public Library. On the city’spublic notice board, there is always a schedule for upcoming moviesand plays at the local theatre.

7)What transportation, agricultural or urban technologies wereused/developed by those that occupied your city, town or villagelandscape site? How do these technologies relate to the culturalbackground of the occupants?

Upon its creation in 1954, the Northshore Mining Company built arailway line that connected Silver Bay City with the quarry atBabbitt (Twinports Rail, 2016). Residents of Silver Bay would boardthe train early in the morning when going to the mines, and late inthe leaving when arriving home from them mines. Regarding thePalisade Head Cliffs, the local government of Silver Bay built anaccess road to the landscape. A parking lot just next to the cliffsalso supplements the dirt road. These technologies relate to thecultural background of the residents of Silver bay in that they aretraditionally miners and strong proponents of environmentalconservation (EPA, 2016).

8)What is (are) the architectural style (s) of your city, town orvillage?

Duringits establishment in 1954, the architecture of Silver Bay wasprimarily inclined towards the taconite mining industry. The regionis known to be a place rich in taconite, which powered the economicactivities. According to……the economic activities of a placeinfluence the social dynamics of the place, including the buildings.It is for this reason that the architectural styles of Silver Baywere influenced by the mining industry. The economic output of thetown also financed the building of the houses and structures as thepeople would use the incomes for the financing of the architecture.

Theprocessing plant and the servant quarters therein were all a clearrepresentation of the mining industry. However, with the growingpopularity of the service industry, the architectural design hasmutated gradually to depict the city’s appreciation of theenvironment (Ek Magazine, 2016). Most of the houses in Silver Bayface the northern lakeshore with the most expensive property beingthe one located nearest to the shore.

9)Describe the community structure of your city, town or villagelandscape site.

Thecommunity of Silver Bay City is small and close-knit. According tothe 2010 census, the population of the city stood at 2,000individuals (, 2013). The fact that most of them work at themining industry makes the community even more homogenous. Thetaconite processing plant employs 27% of Silver Bay’s population.

Inaddition to the city covering a small area, most of the residents aremainline Protestants implying that they worship together everySunday. The town hall assembly is a clear indication of how small thecommunity at Silver Bay. In a recent vote to determine whether thecity should keep mining copper, the votes were 3-2 in favor ofstopping the mining. What was interesting though is the small numberof council people in comparison to other cities that can have up to50 council people.

10)Write a conclusion paragraph for this project.

Inconclusion, this project has been a big revelation to me on theimportance of natural resources and the environment to the life ofman. Never did I realize how dependent the human population was onthe environment. The exercise opened me to understand the fact that aregion is influenced by many factors, both economic and social. Theproject allowed me to explore the technologies applied by a region inthe development. In my case I explored the technologies used by thepeople in Silver Bay. The project gave me a practical look at the waysuch I understood how cultural factors influence the live and thestructural setup of a particular region, and in this case, SilverBay.

Ihave also learned of marvelous sites that I would like to visitbefore I grow old. The exercise on Google Earth opened enabled me tosee photos of some marvelous landscapes on this earth. I made apromise to myself to tour some of the amazing landscapes in as longas I am healthy. The assignment also made me realize the particularimportance of Palisade head Cliffs in the economy of Silver Bay City.Initially, I had thought it was a mere tourist- attraction site withno cultural and economic ties to the local population.


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