The Selection Process

TheSelection Process

Theselection process is usually strenuous due to the complexitiesinvolved. The procedure has to be highly transparent. Lack oftransparency and accountability can raise question marks as to how aparticular employee managed to get the job over the others. Theprocess does not condone favoritism especially if the employee isfamiliar to the examiners. Therefore, several procedures have to beundertaken to make the selection criterion valid. In this particularpaper, the selection procedures for a hotel receptionist will bementioned. As entailed by their job descriptions, a hotelreceptionist must satisfy several aspects of etiquette to qualify forthe post. She has to be friendly, hospitable, and welcoming to theguests. Choosing an employee that fits such features may be hardespecially since it includes behavioral study. An applicant can fakehis/her personality to boost the chances of getting the job.Examiners will have to be cautious enough to conduct the selectionprocess efficiently.

Theprocess entails initial screening where the applicants` informationare scrutinized to see whether the qualifications are met. Theyinclude the expected educational background, professional studiesamong others. The minimum job requirements mainly involve educationbackground and previous experience. After that, the qualifiedapplicants move to a more detailed scrutiny that includes interviews,conducting background checks, reviewing references. In thisparticular task, candidates for the receptionist job post will beinterviewed and then tested practically. Oral interviews willdetermine the eloquence of the interviewees as the tests will outlinethe practical strengths of each applicant.


Eloquenceis a core element in this particular job. It involves relating withmany guests of different backgrounds and behavior. Interviews are thebest way to check on the applicant`s confidence and fluency in thelanguages. The company will benefit from the same since topmanagement will be involved in the interviews. Unlike personalinterviews, this particular task will bring the applicants in frontof the examiners.

Writtenand practical tests

Testsare meant to examine the degree by which the particular applicant isknowledgeable. In writing, applicants manage to express themselveswithout much pressure. Unlike interviews, the applicants are notunder any immense pressure to answer questions imminently.

Thetwo procedures will be undertaken in series i.e. one after the other.During interviews, a panel comprising of top management and currentemployees involved in the particular job will convene.

Someof the Interview questions

  • Tells us more about yourself.

  • Tells us about your previous work experience as a hotel receptionist.

  • What were your key duties?

  • Did you enjoy interacting with the guests?

  • How many visitors on average did you interact with daily?

  • Tells us more about your computer skills.

  • What other duties did you perform as a hotel receptionist?

  • What do you know about this company?

  • What makes you a great fit for this position?

  • Would you be ready to work extra hours if required?

Theinterviews will test on confidence, fluency, attitude, appearance,and handling of questions. On a scale of 10, each member of the panelwill award marks as per the above elements and then an average willbe done to establish the actual scores. In other words, the averagemarks will be noted and the applicants rated accordingly.

Ontests, applicants will undertake an aptitude exam consisting ofgeneral knowledge, precisely global events. Practical tests willinvolve how to handle a rude client among other aspects. The actualtests do not have to be done on that particular day due to itssensitivity. Marks will be rated out of 90 considering the variouselements being checked. The aptitude and practical tests will eachconsist of 45 marks. The panelists will also be involved to givemarks separately, and then an average will be done.

Aptitudetests include

  • What are the emerging global issues?

  • How does global warming come about?

  • Who are the major players?

  • How has climate change affected this country?

  • What body champions environmental conservation

  • How are industrial companies contributing to climate change?


  • Handling of rude clients professionally

  • Communication skills

Theselection process will also consider experience while awarding marks.The scale will be as follows

5-yearsand above – 20 marks

4-years– 17 marks

3-years– 15 marks

2-years– 10 marks

1-year– 5 marks

Byutilizing all the above mechanisms, a suitable hotel receptionistwill be chosen in a transparent manner. The individual with thehighest marks in total will be considered for selection.