The Role of American Court and Congress

TheRole of American Court and Congress

TheRole of American Court and Congress


Thecommerce clause refers to Article 1 Section and Clause 3 of theUnited States Constitution. The article allows the Congress to havethe authority to regulate trade with foreign countries, and among thevarious states as well as with the Indian tribes. Congress often usesthe commerce clause as a jurisdiction to perform the legislativepower over the affairs of the states and citizens. The founders ofthis clause derived a fundamental power that was delegated to theCongress. The significance of this authority is critical to theunderstanding of the rights of citizens. For instance, landownersexercising what would be riparian rights according to the common lawneeds knowledge of the clause (Labovitz, 2007).


Witnessimmunity refers to granting of protection by the prosecutor to awitness in exchange for a testimony or evidence. It is used when theprosecutor agrees not to press charges against a witness for thecrimes committed. The witness responds by providing credible evidencecrucial to a case.

Question3: Ripeness

Theterm ripeness encompasses the readiness of a particular case forlitigation. The purpose of the case is to prevent prematureadjudication. Therefore, when a claim depends on contingent futureevents which may not occur, it is declared not ripe.

Question4: Bicameral

Bicameralis a type of political system where the legislature is divided intotwo separate chambers or assemblies. The two chambers comprise of theSenate as well as the House of Representatives. The Senate is thesmaller house, comprising of two senators, while the House ofRepresentatives has every state represented by individualsproportional to the population.

Question5: Class action

Itis a type of lawsuit that allows one or more plaintiffs to prosecuteit on behalf of a large group. For instance, a plaintiff can sue adefendant on behalf of a group. Class action may differ from state tostate but are common where a large number of people are involved.


Accordingto article 1 section 2 of the constitution, to be a member of the U.SHouse of Representatives, one must be at least 25 years of age. Thecandidate should be a citizen of the United States for at least sevenyears prior to the election. The candidate should also be a residentof the state that he or she is representing (Labovitz, 2007). Themember of the House of Representatives serves for two-year terms ofwhich he/she is considered for reelection every even year. Theirresponsibilities include making and amending of laws. They alsorepresent the interest of the people to the house and the government.


Theimpeachment process of high elected officials of U.S refers to thepower of the legislature to hold charges against civil officials ofthe government for crimes committed while in office. It starts whenthe lower house impeaches the official followed by the upper houseconducting a trial. This implies that the House of Representativeshas the sole power of impeaching an official. In the history of theU.S, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached by the House ofRepresentatives.


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