The impact of the American and African-American cultures

Theimpact of the American and African-American cultures


Theimpact of the American and African-American cultures

Howthe American culture influences substance abuseand addiction

TheAmericancultureis full of pervasive advertisements, and drug promotions on favoritetelevision shows, which increase the levels of drugaddiction. Thebondingculture among the Americanspromotes substanceabuse and addiction. Alcohol is the primary drug used in the socialgatherings in bars (Levinthal,2012).Additionally, the culture of admiring the lifestyle of substanceabusers by the non-substance abusers also promotes substanceabuseand addiction. This is because, the non-abusers admire the dressing,the music listened to, and the manner in which the substance abusersapproach responsibility. As such, this makes the non-abusers end upindulging in drug abuse.

Howthe African-American culture influencessubstanceabuse and addiction

Protectiveaspects in the culture of the blacks, for example, condemnation ofdrinking to intoxication lowers the levels of binge drinking amongthe African-Americans. As such, the rates of substance abuse andaddiction are low. The Civil War made the African-Americans find waysto cope with the emotional affliction due to discrimination, racism,and poverty through the use of alcohol and drugs. This was unlike thetraditional use of alcohol for celebratory purposes. As a result,substance abuse is attributed to the solving of the problems theAfrican-Americans face. Consequently, there are increased rates ofsubstance abuse (Levinthal,2012).Additionally, the African-American culture views substance abuse as ameans to attaining hospitability, impulsiveness, and leisure. This,therefore, leads to increased levels of substance abuse andaddiction.

Similaritybetween theimpact of the American and the African-Americancultures on substanceabuseand addiction

Bothcultures promote substanceabuseand addiction whereby, the American culture does this through theculture of bonding, and the culture of admiring the lifestyleof the substance abusers. On the other hand, theAfrican-Americanculture promotes substanceabuse by giving the perception that taking drugs enables one overcometheir problems(Levinthal,2012).The culture also makes the African-Americansto takedrugs for leisure.

Differencebetween theimpact of the American and the African-Americancultures on substanceabuseand addiction

TheAfrican-American culture views that the abuse of substances helpspeople not to experience the impact of their problems. However, theAmericanculture views that substanceabuse helps people to interact, and enables them to change theirlifestyles by imitating that of the substance abusers, thus leadingto addiction(Levinthal,2012).


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