The H.E.R.E Application

The Jefferson College of nursing’s has made tremendous strides increating a suitable student learning environment. This is welldemonstrated by the baccalaureate model that addresses the challengesassociated with the health care system (Laschinger et al.,2015). This curriculum is based on H.E.R.E- humanistic,evidence-based, reflective and excellence in clinical nurse leaders.

The project helps in steering the health system in a betterdirection. Health problems must be addressed through the provision ofbetter practitioners. The H.E.R.E is a project that steps up actionin the transformation of the health care system. In addition, theproject will provide health care to the student medicalpractitioners.

This program also incorporates students with necessary skillsrequired for the transformation of a student practitioner to aprofessional practitioner. Moreover, the project involves teamworkwhich is essential in capacity building among health providers.

Complexity, quality issues, high rate of change, and a shortage ofworkforce are key reasons why clinical leadership is important.Though it is difficult to predict the future, history has explainedon the importance to prepare nurses for key roles. Participating inthe H.E.R.E project will offer me a platform to gain leadershipskills and in return, I will also share my skills with my fellowcolleagues. Achieving a collective purpose is a central function ofleadership. In the health care, it has been observed that leadershipis a precursor to achieving (Laschinger et al., 2015).

The H.E.R.E program will build strong leadership grounds which areimportant in the realization of the vision of a transformed healthcare system. This will be in line with my future profession as ahealth care provider.

In conclusion, the H.E.R.E project is a successful project inadministering necessary skills to health providers. If offered achance ensure the development of a symbiotic relation in the programso that we realize the goals of the project.


Laschinger, H. K. S., Borgogni, L., Consiglio, C., &amp Read, E.(2015). The effects of authentic leadership, six areas of worklife,and occupational coping self-efficacy on new graduate nurses’burnout and mental health: A cross-sectional study. Internationaljournal of nursing studies, 52(6), 1080-1089.