The Choices We Make Determine Our Life

TheChoices We Make Determine Our Life

Thecontemporary world avails various options to the young adolescents.In most cases, events that take place in the lives of individualsremain memorable throughout their lifetime. After reading adiscernment novella, Reflectionfor the Young Adults bySolanus Casey, I get a lot of similarities in my youthful events withthat of protagonist character in the novel, Casey.

Choicesoften put the youths in a great crisis and in most cases they tend tolose focus in life. However, I realized that at a younger age,revered Solanus Casey could identify with the crisis of life andchoose the best direction for his life. Casey had recognized that forone to succeed in life there was need to take drastic measures evenwhen it means abandoning the comfort of your adolescence and friends.As a young adult, Casey decided to leave home to seek employment withan Irish family where he began working in logging. He later securedanother job of a prison guard. The job was not well-paying but it wasbetter than the previous one. His ambition to live a better life andto improve that of his family never died. Again, he managed tosecure another well-paying job of being street car conductor.

Basedon my experience, I understand that it is important to be focused andnever let go of the dreams and goals. In all these instances, Solanusnever lost focus and ambition to live a better life. In the end, hesucceeded and was able to live a good life he had always wanted. Hewould reflect on some of the difficult moments of his journey tosuccess. For example, was once stabbed fatally by drunken passengerwhile he was a street car conductor.

Mostyouths can relate to the experiences of Casey. I remember thestruggles I had in life when my brother and I were compelled to doeverything possible to make ends meet. I was brought up by a singleparent. My father died in a car accident which left my mothercrippled, with stroke and bound to a wheelchair. She was not in ableto provide for our basic needs in that position. My elder brother andI had to skip school often and work on odd jobs in our neighborhoodto provide for the family expenses. It was not an easy path just likeit was not for Casey. In many instances we would meet moments ofrejections, but we could not lose hope in life. We had learnt thatthere are difficulties in reaching one`s desired goals in life.Therefore, we had to explore all the possible options to have abetter life.

Solanus,in his novella, posits that while he was in school, and especially inclass, he was not the only one who was facing difficulties in life. There were also other students who had the same problems. However,most of the students thought it was the duty of their parents toprovide for their sustenance. For this reason, most of them to dropout of school. Others gave up in life and began using illicitsubstances. My brother and I realized early enough that we still hadthe chance to change our lives, otherwise, we could have as well beenswayed by the events and peer pressures that claimed the attention ofmost of my age mates

Itis not easy for most people to understand youths today. I understandthat the contemporary youths have been transformed significantly bysocial and physical environments that surround them. Unlike the oldergeneration, the young people in the contemporary society is moreconscious of the duty that is bestowed upon them. As demonstrated inthe novel, Reflectionfor the Young Adults youngpeople in today’s society should view the situations in the socialand economic environments as opportunities to enhance their personaldevelopment and improve the chances of having better life. The writerfurther posits that with the multiplicity of the role change in thecontemporary society, youths can easily get lost. On that note, it isimportant to note that today’s young generation are sometimesreferred to as ‘lost generation’. Just like Casey my brother andI were convinced that there was nothing that could prevent us fromsucceeding. I never allowed the comfort and the luxurious kind oflife that some of our fellow students were living to block our hopefor the future. In fact, to some extent our lack motivated us to workhard both in school and out of school.

SolanusCasey’s youthful hope for adventure seems to be one of the biggestlessons for the youths today. The first lesson that any young adultcan learn from this novella is that anybody can attain successregardless of the background. The most important thing in this caseis to remain focused. For instance, Casey would not have archivedsuccess if he abandoned his goals and vision. Similarly, my brotherwould not have become one of the respected directors of a big companyin the United Kingdom if we had not envisioned the kind of life wewanted and maintained the focus. There is no circumstance or personthat can stop ambitious and visionary man. Furthermore, the authorexplains that contemporary youths get trapped in the crisis ofchoice.

Mostof my age mates are attracted to a life of luxury. In this case, mostof them often want to live a good life that their friends are livingirrespective of the differences in economic status. Therefore, it iseasy to understand that the contemporary youths are driven by desiresrather opportunities. Most of the young people can achieve a betterlife if they devout themselves. Courage is also a very importanttrait that one must have to achieve the desired goals. For example,although we often met other students while doing the odd jobs, theiropinion and sentiments never limited our vision and determination. As explained earlier, it was not easy, especially when we startedworking. We would hide whenever we saw a classmate for the fear ofbeing laughed at in school. We soon realized that we could not hideforever and that we had to face the reality.