Technical Instructions



Readinginstructional manuals provide the best way to understand howappropriate to use a product. It is important to take note of theintended users of the said product (Trent, 2014). In my workplace,there is a fire extinguisher for fire emergency response. The fireextinguisher is to be used by anyone in case of an emergency.

Theinstructions concerning its technical application as provided by themanufacturer include pulling the pin at the top of the extinguisheras the first step. Pulling the pin is an unlocking mechanism thatallows for extinguisher discharge. The second step encompasses aimingat the base where the fuel is in order to put out the fire. The thirdstep involves squeezing the lever slowly, which releases theextinguishing agent. Finally, sweeping from side to side needs to bedone until the fire is completely out. The positive features of theseset of instructions are that they are simple, precise, and clear andthus, easy to understand. Besides, the steps are sequential, andreasons for each are highlighted. However, the first step of openingthe pin should be enhanced to make it much easier.

Inlight of the above, here are a set of instructions for technicalapplication of a fire blanket. The first step is to remove the fireblanket by sharply pulling it down on the tabs that hang from beneaththe package since they are mostly stored in small bags with whitesteps. This step should be done quickly to enable faster response tothe emergency. The second step involves protecting your hands sinceyou do not want the flame or smoke to harm you. Gently put theblanket of fire once you have secured your hands. It should be donegently to ensure that no flames creep over the blanket. Finally,turn off the heat source and leave the blanket in place for at leastfifteen minutes.


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