Supporting women in the Middle East Outline

Supportingwomen in the Middle East Outline


Supportingwomen in the Middle East Outline

  1. The The Women’s Cultural Social &amp Society (WCSS)

  1. Lead in: The Women’s Cultural Social &amp Society (WCSS) was established on 3rd February 1963 by Kuwait women who had graduated from universities, and other institutes. It aims at developing women to become all round (Moghadam, 2012). Its board of directors is composed of seven members who are elected to a two-year term.

  2. Transition: They hold the general assembly annually to discuss the financial reports, previous achievements, and member proposals (&quotKuwait Women Cultural and Social Society,&quot 2016). Membership requires only women with a minimum age of twenty years, able to read and write, and with a good reputation. A joining fee of KD2 and an annual membership fee of KD10 are paid.

  3. Thesis statement: The organization encourages the women to take part in communal activities and be aware of their duties, political, and legal rights

  1. Body 1

  1. Topic Sentence: WCSS holds symposiums, conferences, workshops, and training courses for women.

  2. Explanation: WCSS is involved in solving community difficulties by putting into consideration the humanitarian and social matters, focusing on the women’s role, and inspiring them to find independence and celebrate the state occasions.

  3. Evidence: Conferences like the one on the Role of Women in Cultural, So&shycial and Economic Development were held by WCSS in 1994 and 2001. It has also participated in all UN Conferences concerning Women in Mexico City, Copenhagen, Nairobi, and Beijing (&quotKuwait Women Cultural and Social Society&quot, 2016). They also raise funds for charitable organizations.

  1. Body 2

  1. Topic sentence: The WCSS works to improve the health of women by giving them additional governmental health amenities.

  2. Explanation: It does this through providing medical care and spreading health alerts through symposiums and lectures (Moghadam, 2012). On this, it has the breast cancer awareness team, which educates women on the menace, and provides free screening. It also has the Rana’s Fitness Studio, which helps women workout in the fitness classes to have a healthy lifestyle. It is also involved in making follow-ups that ensure the implementation of international conventions approved by Kuwait concerning wom&shyen.

  3. Evidence: One example is the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) (&quotKuwait Women Cultural and Social Society&quot, 2016). Their efforts were rewarded in 2006 when the head of their board was elected the vice president of the Arab Union of Women in the Gulf region.

  1. Conclusion: WCSS is an organization that was established in Kuwait to assist the women to be empowered. It aims at giving power to women for them to empower themselves.


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