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PoliticalBiography on Two US Presidential Candidates

Politicalparties play a critical role towards economic and social progress ofany country across the globe. In the U.S., the Democratic andRepublican are the two major political parties, and each party hasits unique policies which they strictly adhere to (Dugger, par 2). Itis therefore crucial for parties to nominate people of integrity atall levels, as this is also key in ensuring their survival. The paperbelow will discuss the biography of two 2016 presidential candidates,Rick Perry and Bernie Sanders, who have played an important role inshaping politics in the US.

RickPerry’s political biography

RickPerry has been on the U.S. 2016 presidential race, as a Republicancandidate although he has dropped out. Perry was elected as a TexasHouse Representatives back in 1984 a place he served for two-yearterms in office. Four years later, Perry became the chaired thecampaign team for Al Gore in Texas. A year later, he announced thathe was leaving to join the Republican Party. In 1990, Perry opposedthe sitting Democratic agriculture commissioner Jim Hightower and wonthe seat. Perry served in this capacity for 8 years until he waselected as the reserve governor located in Texas. Thereafter, hebecame the governor after George Bush got out of office in order torun for a presidential seat. In his own rights, Perry was re-electedas the governor of Texas for three consecutive terms till 2010(Huizinga,par2). Perry announced his first intentions to run for the 2012presidential race in April 2014. However, he later dropped from therace after facing stiff competitions and major obstacles. June 4th2015, Perry made his second announcement that he would be contestingfor the upcoming US presidential race in 2016.

RickPerry was born on 4thMarch 1950 in Paint Creek, Texas. He joined Texas A&ampM Universityin 1968 after graduating from Creek High school (Huizinga,par3). He graduated with bachelors’ degree in Animal Science in1972 and started working as a salesman. His father, Joseph Ray Perry,played a crucial role in introducing Perry to politics him as heserved as the HCC (Haskell County Commissioner). While in highschool, Perry became an active member of the Boy Scouts and by thetime he was graduating, he had attained the highest rank of an EagleScout. After joining the University, Perry became part of the Corpsof Cadets as well as earned a commission in the Air Force. Heresigned as a pilot and went back to Texas to join his father in thecotton farming business.

Inhistory, Rick Perry is the longest serving Texas governor. As agovernor, Rick Perry achieved a lot, improving the Texas economybeing one of them. According to (Huizinga,par 4), despite the fact the economy has been weakening, Texas hasbeen on the lead in creating new jobs in the private sector. Due tothese developments, Perry has made Texas the best state in business.It is important to note that Perry succeeded in blocking the costlyMedicaid expansion, another consequence of the Obamacare Act. From myopinion, I would say that Perry’s career as a pilot did not preparehim in any way to become an effective president. However, his careeras a governor has shaped and equipped him to be an effectivecandidate for the president. Perry has become a proficient legislatorand has wide skills in improving the economy of the U.S. as a nation.

BernieSanders’ political biography

BernieSanders has been the longest-serving independent politician inCongress and currently one of the presidential candidates for the2016 race. Sanders was born in 1941. He attended Brooklyn JamesMadison High School and later joined Brooklyn College (Jilani, par3).After one year in Brooklyn College, he later got a transfer to theUniversity of Chicago. At the time the university, Sanders became apart of the Civil Rights Movement. It is important to point out that,Sanders was brought up by a struggling middle-class family and hencethe unfairness and inequality he experienced motivated him to joinpolitics (Gauding, par 5). Before joining politics, Sanders worked inseveral jobs including: filmmaking, freelance writing, psychiatricaide, teaching low-income children among others.

Sandersjoined the political arena as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont in theearly 1980s. During this period, he served as the leader of the cityfor four terms until 1989, and later became a House Representative.For the next 16 years from 1991, Sanders was distinguished as a veryintelligent legislator in the US. As a result, in 2007, he waselected as a Senator, a position he was reelected in 2012. In 2015Sanders announced his plans to contest in the 2016 U.S. presidentialrace as a Democrat candidate. I would say that career as a mayor andsenator have equipped Sanders with significant skills to become aneffective president. During his years as a mayor he opposed the Iraqwar, warning the government of the negative consequences which itwould face by getting involved. According to Gauding, Sanders hasbeen successful in reducing poverty levels, especially among themiddle and low class, since he highly associates himself with them(par, 8). Sanders have also enabled bipartisan coalitions which haveseen Republicans make the government more accountable andprogressives who focus on empowering Americans.


Amongthe U.S. presidential candidates for 2016, I would support Rick Perrydespite the fact that he has already dropped out of the race. Hisperformance as a governor of Texas was exemplary especially inimproving the economy as well as in job creation. I believe thatAmerica deserves such a great leader as he proved that, issues suchas unemployment can be successfully solved. If I had the mandate tonominate presidential candidates, I would do it on merits. I wouldestablish a system that would give the contesters scores on priorperformance in public offices and other leadership qualities. I havelearnt several things from this paper. First and foremost, I haverealized that the presidential nomination process has some weaknessesbecause it hinders some quality leaders from getting to the ballot.My main question is why should each political party nominate only onepresidential candidate? My view is that there should be a propersystem to nominate qualified contesters for the presidential race andhence political parties should not be restricted on the number ofcandidates they choose to represent them.


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