Statement of Purpose for the Hospitality Management Course

Statementof Purpose for the Hospitality Management Course

Ihereby present my purpose for venturing into the study of hostilitymanagement course I have applied for. Serving in the hospitalityindustry is my passion that I hold dear in my heart. In addition, asa passion and a talented person in hotel industry I hope to not onlyearn a living to sustain myself, but also to fulfill my goals ofestablishing a business in the industry. Hospitality management is amajor industry, providing many employment opportunities that areavailable in this profession. Currently, the annual estimate ofemployment opportunities stands at 100 million. In addition, thistrend is estimated not decrease in any time soon. This is anadvantage to my passion.

Oneof my main goals after graduation is to have a good job at a bighotel or a large hospitality institution. However, I cannot achievethis goal without achieving two more goals in my life. One is tofinish the hospitality and business course at MSU and learnadditional courses and skills. The second goal is getting a goodexperience in the hospitality industry by serving as an intern workerin a big hotel. These three goals are intertwined and dependent on myperformance in the hospitality course. This is the reason why Ihumbly request to be considered to do the course.

Inaddition to having a passion, I love hospitality a hobby, especiallytravelling. As an international student, I am willing and ready totravel and explore different cultures from around the world. Thiswill offer me an opportunity to know and discover the cultures andtraditions that are practiced in hotel industries from around theworld. As a result, I will not only be an expert in this industry,but will also have to enjoy the opportunity of having diversecultural expectations of clientele from around the world.

Iam yearning for the course so that I can learn the major businessskills that are keys to hotel management. I understand that bystudying all courses in hospitality management, I will have thechance to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge that aresignificant to attaining a successful hospitality company. Therefore,I will be able to help improve my work ethics as well as mycommunication skills. Currently, the family business is in ahospitality industry. Therefore, there is more personal enthusiasm inlearning new and improved methods of operations that will help assistthe financial capacities of these family businesses. In addition, Iwill be in a position to transfer all my skills and knowledge to manyindividuals with an aim of promoting my attained degree.

Grantedthe chance to study in hotel industry, I will access vitalinformation and knowledge that is important to service industry.Currently, I posses positive attitude and passion in hospitalityindustry and I am sure that education will enable me attain futuresuccess.