Stage 05 Change Control Board Memo

Stage05: Change Control Board Memo

To: Change Control Board



Re: Change Request: NewBilling System

The current information systemhas been significant in assisting UMUC in its processes, businessmanagement, and accounts. However, it has become obsolete and,therefore, needs to be replaced. The change should start with thesubstitution of the company’s customer payment and billing systemsand processes. This is a way of allowing innovation to take a coursein the organization with the guarantee that the new billing systemcan be integrated with the modern IT solutions in the business asrequired.

It is recommended that UMUCadopts Coupa Invoicing as its new billing system because it is thebest way through which the company will realize improved Services. Interms of priority, the change ranks 3 because of its moderaterelevance of perfecting the accounting situation in the business.This bookkeeping software will provide the company with free updateswhenever developers avail them. The system scores high because of itsmaintainability. This is very crucial to UMUC’s restyling as itwill lead to the rise in purchase levels in the business with anegligible amount of money spent.

In the view of performance,the software will compile databases of many customers in a moreenhanced way. It is vital to UMUC as its launch will not cause dangerto performance. Rather it will lead to speed in operations. Thesoftware can entirely be incorporated into the present systems. As aresult, the company can expect constant convenience from itsoperations. The worth of the system is high because its performancepromises UMUC the ability to accept electronic payments and scheduleappointments in a well-organized manner. This is important to UMUCbecause after compiling a basic database, the need for additionalinformation is likely to arise. Even though the software can onlyfunction on a single computing unit, it can be improved to supportnew products and services. This gives it the ability to be used invarious systems at no additional costs. Every client of UMUC willfind the system practical because its operations are exceptionallyeasy to execute. The software’s stronger controls will permit thecompany to securely carry out its activities.

Coupa Invoicing as theproposed system change necessitates the company to be prepared withfunds that it will use in various stages of initiating the project. Structures will require approximately $500 and this should be 20% ofthe total cost. Labor will cost up to $2,500 while the electricalequipment will require $4,200. Staff training on the system will costan additional $3,000.

The new world of innovationmakes document retrieval, storage, collaboration, as well as securitycontinuous, reasonably priced, and the best solution for every firm.However, UMUC needs to beware as there are pitfalls of adopting a newsystem. The new system bears the risk of storing customer data in acopyrighted format. The implication is that while the system workswith other platforms, the files remain available irrespective of thedesign of platform used. Similarly, some paperless documentadministration systems are incompatible with other software programsused by cost accountants. This causes a challenge in the use oftechnology techniques across the business. There is also the risk ofacquiring a paperless system that depends on the traditionaltechnology.


IFSM 461: Systems Analysis andDesign Udo, Marian, &amp Uduak Corporation (UMUC) Case Study.University of Maryland University College

Structured System Analysis andDesign, 2.3 System Documentation Considerations Change RequestManagement