Songs by Westlife

Songsby Westlife

Songsby Westlife

Westlifeis a boy band from Ireland, which was formed in 1998 but broke up in2012. The original members of the group during the time of itsformation included consisted of, Shane Filan, Nicky Byme, BrianMcFadden, Mark Feehily and Kian Egan. During its high time, the bandmade a number of pop songs that propelled it to internationalacclamation. The topics of the songs ranged from various topicsincluding romance and inspiration. Some of the best songs by Westlifeinclude IHave A Dream(1999), FoolAgain(1999) and MyLove(2000). These three songs have some correlation, and it is,therefore, quite possible to create a storyline which couldincorporate them and ensure that they are interspersed, so that theyhelp to bring in some relevance.

Thestory could revolve around two people, a lady and a man, who areworking in the same department. The man has some feelings ofaffection towards the lady and has faith that he has a chance ofscoring a relationship with her. In this instance, the song, IHave A Dreamcould be quite appropriate. The song talks about people having hopeand believing that they are able to do anything that they set theireyes. This is well expressed in the phrase, ‘I have a dream, afantasy.’ It shows that it is better for the man to have somethingthat he looks towards to, as opposed to not dreaming about anythingat all.

Theman goes ahead and approaches the lady and tells her about thefeelings that he has for her. He hopes that she will be receptivetowards him. She turns out to give her a warm response, and headvances the interaction with her. They go ahead to have arelationship whereby both of them cannot tell whether they are loversor not. The man believes that the more they continue, the more therelationship will grow, and she will end up being the love of herlife. The song, MyLoveby Westlife is relevant in this part. The song highlights the wishesof a person who has some space that needs to be filled in his heart.Although he has a lover, he believes that the two of them still havea lot to do so as to help strengthen their relationship. Thissituation is well outlined by the part of the lyrics that say,‘aiming for the love that appears to be so far.’

Theman in the show is shocked when the lady tells him that she hasfallen in love with another man, and they, therefore, cannot continuebeing together. He appears dejected, betrayed and heartbroken. Hecannot understand how the lady could end up lacking the feelingstowards him, yet they were just doing okay, and he used to doeverything in his capacity to make her happy. The song, FoolAgainwell explains this situation. It outlines the same predicament of alover who is cheated to believe that a relationship was growing, yetit was, actually going towards its end. The lover wishes that heshould have known from the first instance that the relationship wouldnot last. An excerpt of the lyrics of the song which state that, ‘Ishould have seen it coming’ best help to bring out the picture ofhow the situation was.


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