Onwriting about my experience, I found it both interesting andchallenging to write about myself. The assignment gave me anopportunity to carry out some self-reflection in regard to myyearning for higher education, and my prospects for the future. Inaddition, the self-reflection also presented an opportunity to lookback and appreciate my journey from the beginning to where I am todayin the great city of New York. In the initial stages of the task, itseemed easy to bring out the issues that are most pertinent to me asfar as my aspirations were concerned. However, as I progressed thetask proved to be a daunting. For instance, it was not easy to draw aself-portrait that would be realistic and convincing to the reader.Moreover, it was difficult to create a perspective of how I wouldhave liked the reader to follow through and figure out myexperiences. Most importantly, I found it quite challenging toprovide a realistic rendition of my experiences without exaggerating.I was aware from the onset that the person who would read mysubmission needs to be informed. In addition, the reader should beengaged with my unique story and get a better understanding of thereality that many immigrants face when they come to New York. Imention New York because it has become a special place in my life.Although I had convictions about the experiences, I had at theMetropolitan College of New York, putting then down on paper provedto be challenging than I had earlier imagined. The main challenge inthis case was to make the reader feel the same way I did. Theself-reflection has taught me not to have any reservations whentalking about myself. If anything, the process has become easierbecause each time I write about my backgrounds and aspirations, Ilearn how to deal with earlier insecurities that I had of myself aswell as that of the community.

Inessence, the introduction was the most challenging part. Having comefrom Italy, I thought it was not a good idea to write about my beingan Italian. The reason is that, I have always felt that people in theeast coast, and probably throughout America have wrong stereotypesabout Italians. For example, several friends in New York have askedme why Italians are so indulgent and conservative. As such, thesequestions often influence whether I should disclose my heritage to mypeers or not. In fact, I thought disclosing where I come from wouldelicit the same stereotypes to the reader. However, after mentioningwhere I come from, I have decided to use myself as a positiveambassador for my country, and make Italians more appealing to peoplein the east coast and the rest of the country. That explains why Imentioned that the place I grew up (Bovolone), which is a small town,was not far from the famous Shakespearean city of Verona. This is theplace where the tragedy of Romeo and Julie occurred. My decision tomention Shakespeare’s, “Romeo and Juliet” was intentional. Iwanted to create the impression that I was, indeed, as indulgent asItalians are stereotyped in the east coast. I had also come to therealization that the stereotype was not necessarily to cast Italiansin bad light. Instead, it was considered as classic and a sign of rawItalian ostentation. I therefore took it positively and decided touse it as my starting point. The self-reflection has taught me newthings about myself, which in the past I would not have noticedbefore taking on the self-reflection task. Hence, I am proud to talkabout myself.

Ideally,I do not have a strong background in creative writing. With thatsaid, I knew that choosing the right words to communicate what I feltwas not an easy task because I am in an English-speaking country.However, any explicatory piece of writing has to resonate with thereader. My first guess was that the person who would read it wasprobably the dean of students. On a second thought, I decided toassume that the registrar of admissions was my audience. I had to beas descriptive as possible. I therefore laid down my work in aparticular order: from the village I grew, my life and experiences inNew York, and the reasons I had finally decided to take a businessadministration course at the Metropolitan College of New York.Putting all these facts together in a coherent manner was tough forme since I just learned English a few years ago and I still need morepractice in prose. While writing about my thoughts, experiences, andbackground, I have come to have a better appreciation for creativewriting. To add on, I have decided to improve my writing skills inthe future.

MyGoals in College

Incollege, I strived to pursue new interests and skills especially theones needed to supporting entrepreneurial activities in my community.One of the things I often remind myself is that during orientation,my lecturers mentioned that our collage peers would form our firstnetwork when we enter the working class. As such, I made many friendsas possible with the aim of making them apart of my strategic networkfrom which I will share my ideas in future. Furthermore, I willensure that I narrow down my options to make business administrationmy major. I intend to pay the most attention to community-centeredskills, which are vital in enhancing my ties with my community in thecity. The Metropolitan College of New York will be a great source ofexposure for me to meet reputable entrepreneurs so that I canunderstand how to apply course knowledge to real-life. Now that Iintend to use the knowledge acquired to change my community back inItaly, my second goal is to join a student organization. A studentorganization will expose me to new people and get the skills I willuse in my career. Notably, the college has many student clubs thatsupport student interests. Besides, the overall student organizationis also a great interaction platform to meet influential businesspeople to learn more about leadership skills in business and otheraspects of life. Lastly, I aspire to learn how to serve communitiesthrough the community service projects that the college offers everysemester. In this case, the community service projects challengestudents to engage in problem-solving activities and criticalthinking.

Ibelieve college is the best avenue to gain a holistic view of theworld because I will meet people from different backgrounds. By thetime I graduate, I will be part of a great network of professionalsthat will provide me with the skills to face various communitychallenges. As a pointed out in my essay, many young people in mycommunity have no access to jobs due to a shrinking economy. I willhave an opportunity to merge community service with businessprofessionalism through engaging in activities in colleges. I intendto use the knowledge to teach young people to be receptive to changesto the environment.

MyPost College Goals

Aftercollege, I intend to use my knowledge and skills from theMetropolitan College of New York to create community wealth for mycommunity. Communities can take part in community initiatives such ascapacity development for and with other stakeholders forenvironmental conservation. Other than unemployment, many protectedareas need a synergy with communities. If anything, emphasis shouldbe given to youth as stakeholders. Studying business administrationwill provide me with the skills to develop facilitation, negotiate,help youths to write business plans, and make use of traditionalknowledge and indigenous systems to improve their welfare.

Thechallenge of youth unemployment is attributed to the lack ofentrepreneurial skills. Consequently, young people in my communityexperience a low rate of production for their start-ups. Potentialentrepreneurs back in my community are largely motivated by thenecessity to earn a living rather than identify the bestopportunities to exploit. In fact, the most common businesses areretail trades who often do not have the required confidence needed todeal with business risks. My goal after college is to ensure that Icontribute to youth empowerment through imparting entrepreneurialskills among young people. I will use my business experiences in NewYork to propose, follow up, and implement a package of measures thatare relevant to productive activities in the community. First, I willunderstand the content to include in both formal and informaltraining initiatives. Secondly, I will understand the necessarysupport to advance for different entrepreneurs such as consultancyservices and expert advice. Thirdly, I will use my knowledge inbusiness administration to assess business risks and advise sourcefor appropriate credit facilities they should use to fund theirentrepreneurial ideas.

Iconclude that my long-term career goal is to change lives. The bestway to transform lives is to create a chain of empowerment programswhere young people can exploit opportunities, rather than take upentrepreneurial ventures as a matter of necessity. Having anopportunity to study business administration at the MetropolitanCollege of New York will not only expose me to the bestentrepreneurial brains, but also the best instructors. To add on, Ihave also spent considerable time in New York. To my understanding ofthe business world, New York is the best place to learn aboutentrepreneurship. I have some knowledge of how the market works,especially in the area of property because I run a house renovationcompany. A combination of all my knowledge will be very helpful in myquest to achieve my ultimate goal of changing the society throughentrepreneurship. I am a firm believer in entrepreneurship, but itssuccess lies in getting the best from college, industry, andreal-life experience. The Metropolitan Collage of New York willprovide the best platform for me to achieve my long term dream.


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