Same-Sex Marriage


Dr.Corvino advocates for the same-sex marriage in his lectures andtalks. The lecturer clearly speaks in support of homosexuality bystating that they too, have the rights to do whatever they want inthe free nation. Cornivo (N.P) says that the gay and lesbianrelationships make some individuals excited and act as importantavenues to fulfillment, meaning, and happiness. He bases hisarguments on the reception of the people engaging in homosexualityand the level of satisfaction that they gain from their state. Heeven goes forth to question the Bible and its stand on the same issueby pointing out other things that we do contrary to the teachings ofthe scripture because we find them to be right. With these, Corvinopoints out that the Bible approves slavery, which today is viewed asevil.

Same-sexmarriage is widely outlawed in different societies of the world butwith the spread of liberalism and the calls for freedom, many nationsare legalizing marriages between individuals of the same sex.Corvino’s arguments are backed by the Log Cabin Republicans asnoted in Michael Sokolove’s article, Canthis Marriage be Saved. TheLog Cabin Republicans is a group that works with the Republican Partyto fight for the rights of the LGBT people and support freedom,fairness and equity among all. They feel that it is wrong to deny onethe right to do a thing that does not affect others, and elevateshappiness and satisfaction to the parties involved. They wanted tofight for an amendment to the constitution to legalize same-sexmarriages but were disappointed by George Bush (Sokolove, N.P), whowas against the notion. Both Corvino and the representatives of theLog Cabin Republicans come up with logical answers to the questionsraised about the morality of same-sex marriage. The answers nullifythe objections against same-sex marriage thus, upholding its morality(Cornivo, N.P).

Somedebates arise on whether homosexuality is as a result of nature ornurture. There are equivocal results to conclude that homosexualityhas some genetic or biological basis. Some animals such as penguinsdo have homosexual behavior, and this suggests that the behavior maybe having some biological aspect. However, homosexuality is mostlyaffected by “nurture” as most of the people are thought to haveacquired the behavior through learning and social construction.


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