Roles In Interprofessionalism

RolesIn Interprofessionalism

RolesIn Interprofessionalism

Nursingis a very critical component within any medical facility because ofthe substantial role it plays in ensuring successful healthcaredelivery and better services are offered for patient satisfaction anda facilitated recovery process. If I was not a nursing student, Iagree with the alternative of being a dietitian. Just like thenursing profession, a dietitian forms an integral part of thehealthcare team carrying out various tasks as directed by physician.Due to the fact that nutrition is one of my greatest passions, itwould further be a motivating factor in my desire to be a dietitian.Withdietetics, I will be able to screen and assess the inpatients withinthe medical facility, conduct a review of the charts and the labs,get the medical history or progress of the patients as well as theirphysical appearance and thereafter make recommendations or educatethem on their diet. Also, it is everyone’s wish to work in a stressfree environment with minimal or no work pressure. Dietetics isassociated with much less stress since it involves more ofinteracting with the patients and giving recommendations for theirnutrition. (Lutz,Mazur, &amp Litch, 2015).

IfI was not a nursing student, I would chose to be a physicaltherapist. I therefore, fully support and agree with them. Despitethe fact that a master’s degree is the minimum requirement forphysical therapy entry-level jobs, I like physical therapy and I willgo for it because of various reasons. To begin with, physical therapyis a more rewarding career just like nursing which offers competitivesalary packages (Fair,2011).Secondly, it has a wider scope in terms of job opportunities. Equallyimportant, physical therapists are accorded more respect. It is thewish of any medical practitioner to be granted the respect theydeserve when carrying out their duties. This improves theirself-esteem, motivates them and makes them feel appreciated for theirgood work. Lastly, a physical therapy is more intellectual, medicaland health-based (Fair,2011).&nbsp


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