Returning to School to Enhance My Career

Returningto School to Enhance My Career

Returningto School to Enhance My Career

Forthe last decade, I have always entertained the idea of going back toschool. I always make excuses that the right time is not yet. AsHagelskamp,Schleifer, and DiStasi (2013), states,it is never too late to set a new goal or to have a new dream. I havemade a new goal to go back to school to enhance my career. Today,most Americas in their forties and fifties are considering going backto school with an aim to improve their career prospects. Therefore,am not alone in this arena. In fact, getting an additional education,whether a certificate, bachelors or a master’s degree is anexcellent way to enhance one’s career, earn a promotion, as well asearn more money.

Formany years, I realized I have been wasting time and I have been in astandstill with my career. Now, it is time to make a significantchange. I have decided to return to school for both personal andprofessional reasons. My idea of making this change is derived frommy workplace. This was after my editor forwarded an email shereceived from a distressed sixty-year-old woman. Although she had abachelor degree in social work, she could not secure herself a goodjob. Employees argued that she lacked sufficient knowledge andexperience. Additionally, been a forty years woman, I have realized Ishould change my social life. Therefore, I have decided to make achange by going back to school, not only for my own sake but also forthe sake of my family. Firstly, I want to show my children thatgetting an education is a vital decision. Secondly, I want to set agood example. Thirdly, I want to encourage them to get much educationas they can. Lastly, I want them to be proud of their mother. Myfamily has already offered themselves to support me further myeducation hence, I have to ensure they see great fulfillment andaccomplishment in their eyes. As a parent, I want to see that I givemy children the very best that I can. I always tell my children thateducation is the key to success. I encourage them to accomplish andconquer the world with dedication and hard work. Therefore, I want toset a good example to them.

Furthermore,pursing a master’s degree has also been a personal desire. I havealways anticipated improving my skills and qualifications that I needfor future jobs. I realized going back to school would open up otherprivate avenues like paying rent, becoming my own proprietor, or evenowning my own home. Moreover, with the high income, I will be able topay off any outstanding bills and save more for my children’education. As Hagelskampet. al., (2013) said, in the future, grants and loans will not besufficient to educate our children. To my husband, I will alsolighten some of his burden, who is currently the sole breadwinner.For this reason, I am taking my own advice to go back to school andwork extra hard. In doing so, I will be a good parent to my children.Through furthering my education, my children will wreak the benefitsand rewards that I did not enjoy in my childhood. My goal to go backto school is to receive a master’s degree. Although this seems tobe hard for a working adult, statistics shows that they are manyadults in school nowadays. According to US Department of Educationand Census Bureau recent research, among the fastest growingeducational demographic are adult students (Hagelskampet. al., 2013).Additionally, the research also shows that that number of studentsabove forty years has recently risen by ten percent in the last halfa decade. The face of higher institutions is changing nationwide. Infact, the adult students enrollments are increasing proportionallyfaster compared to younger students. Older students, some who aremarried, raising children and working, replace the idea oftraditional enrollment that consisted of young adults. Many parentsare going back to school to pursue their first or second degree,master’s degree, or Ph.D. degrees. Whatever the situation, adultstudents are becoming a norm in most classes.

Sometime back, I applied for a position that I thought was perfect forme. Sadly, I received a regret feedback stating that although I havethe relevant experience, I lacked the relevant academicqualifications hence, the company decided to go for someone withthose qualifications. This means that someone with either a masterdegree or a Ph.D. got the opportunities, and people with lesseducation were closed out. This regret reply was a reality check forme that I have to go back to school. I was so disappointed becausethat was a good job for me but it slips right away through my fingersjust because I did not have a master’s degree. Today, academicqualifications determine how far a person goes into a certainprofession and pay scale as well. As more people gain more education,the competition for stable and high paying job increases. Hagelskampet. al., (2013), states that people with high levels of educationhave a better job security, and they tend to stay away fromunemployment curve, unlike those with low levels of education.Therefore, by attaining higher education, I will become a moreproductive and qualified employee. I have realized employers havemore trust in employees who are academically qualified. Besides,after gaining a master’s degree, I will be eligible for apromotion. In case I get a promotion, this will mean higher pay,increased trust, responsibility, and recognition. Many jobs requirespecialized knowledge, skills, and practical training that only aqualified employee can provide. Although not all jobs require adegree, most employees seek the most qualified hence, education is anecessity. These are some of the benefits that I anticipate to gainwhen I go back to school.

Educationis enormously significant in the modern world. Returning to school isa wise decision that every working employee, regardless of age,should attempt. In the contemporary world, many people are going backto school despite having a full-time job. Several advantagesaccompany high academic qualification. Any credential earned is aworthwhile endeavor. However, it requires a substantial financialinvestment and time commitment. Hagelskampet. al., (2013) argue that one can accomplish any goal as long as onehas the will to work toward it. It takes one’s dedication andperseverance to go back to school. I am looking forward to being inschool increase my knowledge, and improving my career, as well as mylife.


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