Response Paper



Thebook, Educatingfor Redemptive Community: Essays in Honor of Jack Seymour andMargaret Ann Crain,has been authored by Denise Janssen. The book focuses on the use ofthe aspect of faith in dealing with the most pressing issues.According to the book, the fabric of faith needs to be woven into thelives of individuals so as to transform individuals as well ascommunities at large in an attempt to resolve the crisis that faceindividuals. The purpose of this assignment is to respond to theauthor’s presentation that faith can transform individuals andcommunities, and help them to resolve issues that affect them.

Fromthe book, the author presents a community, which he indicates to beof the age of salvation.1The community that the author refers to in this case is a communitythat constitutes individuals that are tied together by faith. Becauseof the faith that the individuals have, they are in a position tocommit to the prayer that was taught by Jesus. According to theauthor, the prayer that Jesus taught de-individualized andde-privatized the urgent concerns of daily life.

Ithink the author is right when he indicates that, through faith, itis possible for individuals to resolve issues that affect them. Thisis because through faith, individuals are likely to be committed toprayers and rely on spiritual interventions in handling their issues.For instance, through relying on faith, individuals are likely toforgive one another when wronged by others because they would havethe belief that forgiving is the best alternative to tackling theirproblems. Because of faith, people are likely to be committed to theprayer of Jesus and do as it says. The prayer that Jesus taughtindicates that people need to forgive one another. In such ascenario, individuals are likely to forgive one another because theywould also desire to be forgiven. Therefore, the aspect of faithwould make individuals emphasize the element of forgiving wheneverthey are wronged. Hence, problems, where a person rises againstanother, would be resolved through faith.

Also,I think the author is right in his argument that faith would be ofhelp in resolving the daily problems that people face. Through aspectof faith, people are likely to be committed to their undertakings.This is because they will always have the belief that if theydedicate themselves, they are going to find what they seek. Thiswould be critical in resolving daily life problems since communitiesand individuals would embrace the spirit of working together infinding a solution to their problems.

AlthoughI agree with the author’s presentations, it is not withoutquestions. Faith is promising in handling problems that faceindividuals and communities at large however, the question that isan unanswered is about the number of people who are willing toembrace teachings concerning the use of faith in handling problems.There may be people willing to teach about the element of faith inthe community, but there may be just a few individuals who would beready to listen to them. Furthermore, teaching about faith may not bean issue, but the application of faith may become an issue. Becauseof the human nature, I think only a small percentage would embracethe use of faith as a means of dealing with their daily encounters.


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