Requirements in Casualty Management

Requirementsin Casualty Management

Requirementsin Casualty Management

ThePICO elements in the research question are as follows the patient isthe casualty while the intervention is the stabilization process, thecomparison will involve the standard procedure that is normally done,and the outcome will be the stability of the patient after thecompletion of the process (Elkins, 2010). A nursing healthcareprofessional may be involved in the process of managing patients whoare brought to the health care facility with injuries that needemergency care. Before such patients are taken for specializedtreatment, it is important that the nurse attends to them and ensurethat they are well stabilized, which could involve a number ofactivities such as minor first aid, dressing of wounds and thestoppage of bleeding. As such, the professional needs to have skillsthat are vital for ensuring that the chances of the patientrecuperating are heightened.

Ideveloped the question based on the fact that emergency care isusually a crucial part of health care management as it determineswhether a patient who has had an injury will have a proper recovery.It is, therefore, important to determine ways through which aclinical practitioner could ensure that he observes standardprocedure while dealing with a patient under emergency care.The research question will go a long way inhighlighting the best ways that clinicians may go about deliveringtheir services while handling casualties so as to increase theirchances of survival. This research question will have a greatimportance in my clinical practice since it will orient me to thestandard clinical procedure that may be key to making me able todeliver my services with the highest level of efficiency.


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