Reflection on Spanglish language

Reflectionon Spanglish language

Useof Spanglish as a language has taken roots in the United States ofAmerica. Most business enterprises are now conducted using Spanglish.Those who communicate in this language are mainly composed of peoplein the U.S who can be able to speak both English and Spanish. The useof this language is particularly common in the city of Los Angeles.


First-gradechild welcomed her grandparents who had come to visit them but theycould not speak the Spanish language. Her grandfather who knewnothing about the Spanish language is bemused but knew that he wasbeing asked to sit down when the child used a signal.

Theblend of English and Spanish has been widely accepted by fifty-fivepercent of the population living in the city of Los Angeles. Even thenative born Americans can now communicate in Spanglish. The increaseof Spanglish speakers is due to the immigration of manySpanish-speaking people to the country (Milian, 2016).

Thereis also a problem of language syntax. This occurs when childreninteract in school and end up in picking some American English wordsand Spanish words. This can also occur when watching television orplaying with their young counterparts.

Thereare many hybrids in the United States who have come from differentcountries such as Chinese, Germany or Hindi. These people can be ableto communicate using their native language and Spanglish. Many highschool students in America and university going students have signedup in their institutions to learn Spanish than any foreign language(Milian, 2016).

Spanglishstarted to take the national colliders ten years ago. It has furtherincreased with explosive immigration to the U.S from countries withinthe Latin America.

Gaffeshave been encountered in commercials. This is due to attempts byAmericans speaking in Spanglish attempting to promote their productsin order for them to become luxuriant by targeting the highpopulation of Spanish-speaking people in the U.S (Milian,2016).


TheSpanish language has explosively entered into America overtaking theuse of English as the country’s main language. This has led to thedevelopment of a new language called Spanglish. Due to the highnumber of immigrants from countries in the Latin America, the use ofSpanglish is becoming common.


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