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Thephrase “medium is the message” means that, the form of mediumimplants itself in the message, thereby developing a symbiotic kindof relation. In this regard, the medium tends to affect how themessage is viewed. The degree and form of human relations, as well asactions, are shaped and controlled by the medium. I tend to agreewith this notion. It is a concept that is practically embedded withinour societies. The medium and its characteristics affect thecommunity in which it is played [ CITATION Dav11 l 1033 ].

Thedistinction between hot and cold media is drawn along resolution much effort is needed by the audience to fill in any gaps todevelop a clear picture. For hot media, it has very high resolution,and a viewer does not need much effort to understand it e.g.photograph. On the other hand, cold media like cartoons are lowresolution since the viewer has to read and interpret information todevelop the whole picture. Media that requires more than one sensewhere viewers seem to interpret various signals tends to be moreattractive. In other words, a viewer is left to fill in the gapsincreasing his/her concentration. I agree with McLuhan’s notionthat hot media entails viewers that are passively involved in thepresentation, whereas cold media has its audience actively involved[ CITATION Dav11 l 1033 ].

AsMcLuhan states, “Technological media are staples or naturalresources [ CITATION Mar l 1033 ].”In McLuhan’s assertion, the society`s reliance on staples such asmedia generates some social patterns within the community. Thepropensity of relying on a few commodities drives the society intoaccepting them thereby creating a bond.In other words, a community that does not have a wide range ofcommodities is forced to rely on the few available ones and in theprocess they get used to it. The reasoning tends to be trueespecially in societies that are overly dependent on particularperspectives of the media [ CITATION Mat11 l 1033 ].

Asstated by McLuhan, “It makes all the difference where the hot orcold media is used [ CITATION Mar l 1033 ].”As a matter of fact, I agree with McLuhan’s sentiments of whether amedium is hot or cold depends on the community into which it isintroduced as well as the technological and social development ofthat particular society. McLuhan even uses examples of how hot mediumutilized in non-literate cultures has a different impact in countriessuch as England or America.

Myquery would be how are ideas in chapter one relevant to the socialmedia age?


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