Race and Ethnicity

Raceand Ethnicity

Raceand Ethnicity

Peoplefrom different races have distinctive biological features, but thesociety is less likely to associate a racial group with thosecharacteristics. How people distinguish race and ethnicity depends ontime and social disparities. Therefore, race and ethnicity are asocial construct because the biological features are not the basisfor identifying people. Instead, they are defined by how their racehas been socially treated in the past. The concept of race andethnicity is constructed and manipulated by the society based onvarious economic, legal, and socio-political contexts (Leon-Guerrero,2013). For example, when I walk down the street with my friend,people seem to identify her as Latino because she portrays physicalcharacteristics of a Latino. However, no one pays attention to herethnicity or other attributes such as the fact that only one of herparents is of the Mexican origin. It shows that the physicaldifferences of a race are the social norms that mainly determine howpeople are going to be socially treated. Hence, there is no naturalbasis for differentiating race, but the society simply uses anartificial disparity created throughout history (Leon-Guerrero,2013).

Ibelieve that the society should define minorities in terms of gender,race, and ethnicity. According to statistics, women are not aminority because they are usually equal or even more in numbercompared to the men in almost every society. However, they qualify asa minority group since they have fewer privileges and less power thantheir male counterparts do (Leon-Guerrero, 2013). Despite theconstant attempts to attain equality for all despite one’s race orgender, people are still not equal. For example, I have seen women atwork encounter the glass ceiling even when their experience andqualifications match those of their male colleagues. Nonetheless, Ialso believe that people should only be defined as minorities if itis to protect them from discrimination and exploitation. Thus, thesociety should try to eliminate the idea of minorities because itonly serves to alienate some people instead of uniting and workingtoward the shared goals of peace and prosperity.


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