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Question 6

Question 6

Boeing’s strategic position stems from the fact that it producesthe best airplanes in the market. The technology employed by thecompany surpasses that of the competitors by far. In order tomaintain this position, Boeing should invest more on research. Thecompany should be in a position to unleash new designs, year in, yearout. This competitive advantage is only attainable through intensiveresearch in the market and the production technology. Employing thebest minds in the industry to take care of this section would be aprudent step. The company can also strengthen its position byincreasing its marketing strategies to capture markets that it hasnot dominated yet. Currently, the company manufactures 40% ofcommercial aircraft. The market share is plausible but Boeing shouldnot get too comfortable with it. It should intensify its marketingtechniques in places that it has little dominance including Asia andAfrica.

Among the marketing challenges facing Boeing, are new entrants in theRussian and Chinese market. The new entrants are likely to createprice wars, something that is uncommon in the duopoly market. Inorder to terminate chances of China’s Comic from dominating theAsian market, Boeing should increase its marketing activities in theregion. Since the Chinese Comic is a new entrant in the market,Boeing can easily stifle competition by offering discounts for thebest planes in the region. With the discounts, several airlines inChina will opt for Boeing aircraft rather than the locallymanufactured Comic. In comparison to Comic, Boeing has the resourcesto offer discounts that comic can only dream of. Once Boeing hascaptured the necessary market in the region, Comic will have adifficult time trying to catch up. With the price reduction, Comicwill easily lose popularity in the commercial airplanes business inChina.

The company can increase its performance by addressing the issue ofsafety. Currently, the world is experiencing many airplane crasheswith the most recent being the flight from Paris to Egypt on a Boeingplane. Although the company is not responsible for how airlines usethe airplanes, when a company’s name keeps featuring in most of thecrashes, it does not create a good image. It will be just a matter oftime before airlines and passengers begin to associate Boeing withcrashes. Boeing can clear its image by running a CSR program thatadvices airlines on the issues of safety. Companies such as CanadianPacific railway have done it and their image gained approvalinstantly. In addition, the company can invest in more safety issues.The black box was a brilliant idea maybe it is now time to act uponthe revelations of this device.

The recommendations herein are feasible to the company because theyare arrived at after a careful analysis of the company’s position.For instance, the idea to carve discounts for the Asian market isfeasible because Boeing has enormous resources. The discounts willnot hurt the profits of the company because they will be compensatedby more unit sales. In addition, the idea is feasible becausecompanies have done it in the past, and they managed to grab a largechunk of the market share. The safety recommendation is feasible aswell because Boeing is already doing it. All that the company needsto do is increase its safety measures.