Question 1 Kongo’s religious system

Question1: Kongo’s religious system

Thereligious practices of the Kongo kingdom blended with Christianity inmore ways than one. The first attribute that relates well withChristianity is the fact that their religious systems believed in oneSupreme Being. However my most favorite characteristic of the Kongoreligion in artistry is the carving that depicted their religiousleaders. Just like in Christianity where many religious leaders wearvisible head artery, the Kongo religious leaders had similarcultures. These head arteries were significant in depicting theirreligious hierarchy as is seen in many Christian churches. Inaddition, there are other forms of arts such as the staff thatsignifies authority in their religious domain. This practice is alsoseen in many Christian churches where religious leaders are known tohold artery in their left hands signifying their authority. The mostfavorite form of art that blends well with the American society isthe art of body tattoo.

Question2: Women in Luba art

Aspolitical figures in Luba art, women were depicted as close familyrelations to the king or the royal families. Art representing humanimages is usually heavily decorated and the main intention is toconvey the political relationship that exists between that specifichuman figure to the king. In this regard, most of the human femalefigures that were created represented the sisters, daughters orprovincial leader’s wives. In these particular figures, theirspecific position and ranks within the royal families was carefullydepicted in their scarified bodies and elaborate coiffures. However,the most important role that women played in these forms of art wasto protect and safeguard the king’s spirit of the Luba community.This is because there was a common belief that his spirit is normallyincarnated in a woman’s body after his demise.