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Publicrelation is a common approach when it comes to protecting a company’simage. The approach has not only been employed by firms, but by alsoindividuals to gain exposure to the audience by using information andproducts that interest the public. Literary, public relations is thepractice of regulation the spread of information between firms andthe public or between individuals and the public (Gabriel 2016,p.470). It targets to inform individuals on the significance ofsustaining their views on the general public towards the image of theentity. Specialists in this field strive to maintain the relationshipbetween the media, company’s audience, and the opinion frontiers.They are obligated to design campaigns, producing of news, liaisingwith the press, creating interviews, speaking on behalf of thecompanies, preparation of customers for press conference, creation ofwebsites, and also social media platforms. In this paper, I am goingto focus on how a company used public relations to protect its image.


Advancementsin technology, in India, saw the rise of numerous technologicalcompanies to serve the increasing population. One of thetechnological companies that came into the face is the TataConsultancy Services Limited (Jaipuria 2002, p.47). The company,which has both national and international base, has diversified inthe production and service provision in technologically relatedfields. However, in the recent past, the Indian state is chokingunder heaps of electronic wastes and environmental degradation. Thewastes from the electronic gadgets and other bodies like vehicles,which are mostly produced by Tata group, have resulted in atechnological waste crisis, which the country is struggling to bringunder control. Several concerns have been raised by environmentalistsand health practitioners they argue that some of the wastes thathave been carelessly disposed to the environment are hazardous andcontain toxic substances, which include but not limited to lead,mercury, and cadmium. According to their research, such substanceshave resulted into severe failures within individuals physiologicalprocesses. Their new innovated vehicles have also been linked toaversive effects within the environment. It is alleged that thevehicles emit gasses to the environment which are not eco-friendly.These aspects have really tainted the name of the technologicalcompany since it is among the leading technological companies inIndia.


Fromthe case study, it is clear that public relation is vital towardsmaintaining the company`s image. The company should venture into gogreen campaigns and involve the masses. It should also organizesocial works, races, and workshops to bring out their concerns onenvironmental degradation. In other cases, the company should alsoput up posters, make a press conference, blog, or even hire witnessto dissociate itself from the increased environmental degradationacts. In such a case, the company will benefit by restoring thebroken relationship, promoting their brand, and advancing theirbusiness. The company could also get partners, advocates and backupfrom the society and other institutions (Mckie 2016, p.300).Furthermore, the strategies may not only build the company`sreputation but also convince the public that quarks are cool. It is,therefore, necessary for any company to have a well structured publicrelations office that will ensure that the image of the company isprotected.


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