Problems of Modern Human Trafficking

Problemsof Modern Human Trafficking

Humantrafficking is a contemporary phenomenon that has raisedcontroversial debates and struggles not only from the human rightsbodies, but also from the legal systems. The victims of this viceare subjected to sexual slavery, sexual exploitation, and forcedlabor for the benefit of the traffickers or other related bodies.Human trafficking takes place both globally and at the nationallevel. Nevertheless, it is clear that human trafficking is a crimeagainst humanity basing on the fact that, in all instances, therights of the victim are violated. Despite the stringent measures andstructures laid down, it is among the fastest growing crimesglobally. For instance, research has shown that traffickers generatea total of $9.5 billion annually from the trade. In this paper, I amgoing to focus on cases of human trafficking from different angles.However, it is necessary for everyone to take a personal initiativeto help curb it.

Sextrafficking has been described as the contemporary bondage ofslavery. Millions of girls in the world are entangled in the sextrade (Halfthe Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide,n.d). It is almost impossible to give the actual total number of thosebound in the vice due to the inability to distinguish between thosewho are voluntarily from those who are involuntarily engaging in thesex trade. Though in their book Kristof and Sheryl approximate that atotal of 3 million females in the world are victims of the vice,their figure has been placed on the conservative side as it does nottake into account those who were coerced into sex trade and thoseunderage girls, who cannot give consent of their indulging in thetrade. In Europe and Asia, sex trafficking has been attributed tothe collapse of communism and the impacts of globalization.Stigmatization has been the major block to the fight against sextrafficking. Several steps must be taken from closure of sex brothelsto enforcement of laws since there is no exact solution to the issue.

Childand labor trafficking are also among some of the worrying trends.According to the IOM reports the cases of labor trafficking rose by43 percent between the year 2008 and 2012 ( AWeb Resource for Combating Human Trafficking in the East Asia PacificRegion, n.d). Rough calculations indicate that 36 percent of thecases involved underage children.

Several actions against human trafficking have been taken forinstance, in the United States of America for instance, religiousbodies have been in the forefront in the liberation of the victims(American Abolitionism and Religion, Divining America, TeacherServe©,National Humanities Center, n.d).). Mass conversions and theemancipation of the public and formation of anti-slavery societieshave been the main foundations of the religious activities andmessage. In China, several protests have been staged concerning thehostile workplace environment (International Labor Rights Forum,n.d). They have protested against unjust treatment and filedcomplaints on compensation this occurred when they were laid offunder questionable circumstances. The CNN group too has come up witha project to liberate people globally (The CNN Freedom Project:Ending Modern-Day Slavery, n.d). Further, the CNN freedom project hascome up with a documentary that aims at creating awareness in themodern world.

However,most of these steps are yet to bear fruits due to laxity from boththe legal systems and the public. Similarly, most individuals arehelpless and stigmatized hence, they cannot liberate themselves fromthe practice. Globalization and the democratic atmosphere have alsomade it difficult to deal with the situation as the world is everchanging and everyone is free to do what he thinks is right.


Inconclusion, it is evident that human trafficking has become rampant.Cases of labor trafficking, child trafficking, and sex traffickingcannot go unnoticed. Though several measures ranging from religiousstands, the creation of laws to protests have been taken, they havenot stopped the practice. It is, therefore, necessary for individualsand the government to take steps against it. Laws must be put inplace and enforced.


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