Practicum Journal Professional Goals and Self Assessment of Clinical Skills



PracticumJournal Professional Goals and Self Assessment of Clinical Skills

Ihave always wanted to have the best of experiences, challenging yeteducative at the same time. My practicum has added to my wealth inexperience regarding my course (Irvin &amp McDaniel, 1994). As achild, I wanted to offer something to the society. I had observedmany ills that I felt to change. Therefore, after the completion ofhigh school, I considered taking nursing because with the knowledge Iknew to stand a chance to cause the change I yearned. The practicumgave me a firsthand experience of the clinical issues we learned inclass (Arms, 1981). I also practically involved in patient handling,which was challenging but I was up to the task.

Thisweek I was placed at the department of children. Working with theyoung ones was a great experience. I observed that if responsibleadults had closer contact with the children, then the society wouldbe freer of some of its strains. On a morning, a woman walked inholding a child’s hand. The girl seemed fearful and was draggingher feet into the office. The doctor invited them into the room andin a few minutes, I was called to the office. I was to perform sometests on her to determine if she had been raped the previous night.The woman who brought her in was her mother, who had been working anight shift at a factory. She had left her with her boyfriend only tocome home and find her daughter in a heart-wrenching state. She hadnever realized before that the act had been ongoing, but the childfeared to speak because she was threatened.

Ihad to be high spirited to accomplish my duties (Regehr &amp Eva,2006). The nurses encouraged me to understand that such was not goingto be the last case I handled of that nature. I believe theexperience helped me gain another level of strength and compassion(Han, Cho, &amp Won, 2014).


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