Post Modernism Films Part 1

PostModernism Films


TrumanCapote authored, “In Cold Blood,” a literary piece in 1966, whichwas later adapted and reacted as a film directed by Richard Brooks in1967. “In Cold Blood” details the events that led to the massacreof a family residing in a restive rural town in Kansas. It is basedon real life events that shocked the entire American society, as therural town could not have possibly been considered the scene of sucha horrendous film (Brooks). Capote authored the book, which offersinsights into the unusual motives that led to the murder andsubsequent arrest, trial and sentencing of the criminals charged withthe murder of the Clutter family.


Thetwo main characters in the film are the two ex-convicts who arebelieved to have committed the crime in Kansas where an entire familyof four was gruesomely murdered (Brooks). The film depicts the twoconvicts, Richard Hickockbreak and Perry Smith as gay lovers. BothCapote and Brooks portray Richard as relying heavily on Perry’sadvice and influence. Perry seems to have emotional dominion overRichard. Capote is able to use his experiences as journalist toenable him get a one on one interview with Perry who then offersinformation on the events of the murder, their arrest and trial whilein prison (Brooks). This particular character could have beenpresented in different light were it not for the notion that hepresented the crime details to Capote while in Prison.


JohnGrisham’s book, “Somewhere for Everyone,” is a tale of theimpoverished and destitute lives that homeless people in the richestcountry have to endure. As such, John Grisham begins by stating thatthe American society considers the homeless as people who haveprobably done something in their life to deserve homelessness. Asmuch as it is a fictional book, it gets across to audiences in a muchlesser manner than “In Cold Blood” by Capote. “In Cold Blood”is a non-fiction film and as such, offers audiences with a look athow safe rural areas are not free from vicious crimes that commonlyoccur in cities. “Zodiac” is a film of the same genre as “InCold Blood.”


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