Pollution Climate control Outline

PollutionClimate control


  • The level of air, water, and land pollution is high in the current society

  • State and non-state actors have initiated various control measures although the issue has not been properly addressed

  • Human activities, poor conservation efforts, and industrial processes are major contributors to pollution and climate change

  • Effective pollution control measures occur through a cumulative impact of many decisions and actions taken throughout the community, including governments at all levels, non-state actors, corporate, and the general community.

ThesisStatement: Uniform and concerted efforts that are backed byappropriate laws will help in addressing the rising levels ofpollution and climate change in our societies.

  • Discussion

  • Legislations, and policies that spells out pollution control action plan, including the fines and standards

  • Mass sensitization initiatives to promote conservation and management of natural resources, as well as, proper enforcement of policies

  • Through proper monitoring for adherence to policy specifications in environmental management, it will be possible to instill adequate environmental management ethics in stakeholders.

  • Sustainable approaches when dealing with the natural resources while observing good behavior in handling the environmental initiatives

  • The establishment of an elaborate information base to facilitate decision-making, sustaining execution with enticements and apparatus for appealing stakeholders, setting suitable principles, and regulation is instrumental for the stakeholders.

  • Conclusion

  • Destruction of natural resources through pollution has adverse effects on human life, animals, ecosystems, and environment

  • Appropriate control measures are necessary, besides the formulation of elaborate laws

  • Protection, restoration, conservation, and management of the environment and its resources will go a long way in addressing the challenges posed by the effects of climate change

  • Human beings need to take the pollution as a serious threat to the quality of life.